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Monday Mosaic: Christmas Past

I am feeling better than last week and so are all the pets. Lily’s test results came back and everything is fine she just picked up a gut-bug at the pet sitter. Our vet suspects Lily may have eaten spoiled food which means the pet sitter may not have been watching her as well as she claimed. The cats have purged all their hairballs and nights have been peaceful since a truce has been issued between Nicolas and the baby raccoon. I am also back in the Studio; painting, knitting… Read more Monday Mosaic: Christmas Past

Christmas Crafts and Martha Jane

This is my Grandma, Martha Jane, or as I like to say…”The Original Martha.” Long before Martha Stewart built her “make it, bake, it” empire my grandmother was a one woman creative force. She literally could do it all and she did it exceptionally well. I learned a myriad of things from her and somehow never quite did them as well as she did and I am okay with that. Here is why I am okay with that. My grandma has reached legendary status in my mind and by doing… Read more Christmas Crafts and Martha Jane


This week has not gone as planned. We had sent Lily (our Chow Chow) to a pet sitter for a trial run and she came home sick. Lack of sleep and lack of time has kept me from blogging and creating until today. Lily seems to be doing a bit better and while she is sleeping I decided to post quickly that I am still here. I was able to finally finish up two of the three watercolors from the watercolor woes posts and started two more. I bought a… Read more Update

Monday Mosaic: Sunset on the Promenade

I didn’t have a chance to blog last week. I was in Halloween mode and time just kept slipping away. However, the Halloween decorations have been taken down, the costumes put away and the only reminder that it was even here is left over candy and pics posted on Facebook. Lily Chow Chow is taking a vacation this week (trying out a new pet sitter) and I find myself with some extra time. Yay! Yesterday, Sus and I took a trip to Langley and since we didn’t have to hurry… Read more Monday Mosaic: Sunset on the Promenade