what’s in a name?

Last year, in April, we bought the Baby Mountain Retreat from a wonderful guy, Peter D. It had been his dream and yet in his heart he knew it was time to move on. I also had a dream and it was happening quite quickly, manifesting at a whirlwind rate that made everything feel effortless. I found, however, that taking over someone else’s dream and trying to make it yours is a daunting and futile task. I like Peter and I like his vision but it isn’t mine. They are similar and both involve healing but our methods are different and that is okay. We are different people with unique life experiences that have shaped us and our perspectives on life.

I have asked for guidance, and the answer is always, “Be who you are and do what you know.”  I find this a bit terrifying and I will go into that on another post but for the moment I would like to say that I think it best that the Retreat have a name change. New Year, new owners, new vision. So, as of today (1/12/2017) Baby Mountain Healing Retreat is officially the Stara Planina Meditation Center. This wasn’t an easy decision but we do believe a necessary one. We are not Peter and we do not have his skill set. It was getting difficult to make this our own when I, personally, was struggling trying to merge his vision with ours.

So, what’s in a name? Well…everything. It’s your identity, essence, mojo…what ever you want to call it…it is a reflection of you. I was feeling a little possessed by the ghost of Baby Mountain’s past making it very difficult to be me; I felt trapped, paralyzed. I realize that we will probably lose some of the followers that Peter had but truthfully, since I am not him, I think I would have lost them anyway. It is difficult to be who you are meant to be when everyone is expecting what was….





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