is over and was entirely too short. I am extremely grateful that the temperature in Bulgaria was pleasant and the air drier, it was a welcome reprieve from the heat and humidity of Mumbai.

So, here is the update on the meditation center…

The yoga barn is coming along nicely and is quite close to being done, we did realize that all those large windows that allow glorious sunlight to flood the place added to the heat index inside so we will be removing the center window pane and adding a large double door to keep it cooler inside and increase air flow…easy fix since the windows were in place but not set and finished.

The unicorn barn…we will be securing the wattle siding on the upper barn, it is starting to sag and we missed the chance to harvest the branches needed to replace what is missing and broken. The lower part of the barn has a sauna, bathroom and cob room that Peter Dewhurst had started and so we will finish those up. The Cob room will be used for Reiki, Bowen and massage therapy when it is finished. There is a little room that we will probably use for washing up after art projects…just need to finish the plumbing.

We also have a small barn located beside the house which we have decided to convert into a juice bar…at least that is the plan at the moment. There are two yurts, we are doing some maintenance work to the bases and looking into finding some replacement parts and for the wool lining. Luckily, we met two wonderful ladies this trip who informed us that there is a guy in Varna that sells yurts so we will be checking in with him.

We will also have some general landscaping and construction cleanup done and then plan out the places for a plunge pool, fire pit and assorted reflection vignettes so guests can commune with nature or with each other. It is a wonderfully magical place and a special thank you goes out to Peter Dewhurst for listening to the guidance of the universe, finding this magical spot and working with it.  I strongly feel that though it may “technically” have “owners” it really can not be owned. I think “stewards,” people that will come and go, watch over and tend it and share its special gifts is a more accurate description. I am thankful that I have been chosen as one of It’s many “stewards.”

We have planned a mini-retreat for the end of September to work out any kinks and get some much needed feedback before we are officially open for Spring/Summer 2018. We are in need of 4 people that would like to be guinea pigs for this venture. If interested please contact us via our Stara Planina Meditation Center Facebook page for details. Thank you.

I was going to attach the photos I took of the work, however, I traveled without camera or laptop this trip. I did take my phone (which is new) and took pictures with that. I am unable to download the photos because I lack the correct cord. the old cord doesn’t fit the new phone. I tried all sorts of techie tricks but alas…I am tricked out and photo-less.

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