Mumbai Monsoon Madness…


I am running behind on publishing a blog post this week. Monsoon season here in India has thrown a few kinks into my schedule. Mumbai is always woefully unprepared for the monsoon rains…it happens every year at this same time but every year there is a mad scramble to fix what they should have prepared for.

The rains started a month ago and they always start off scattered, at this point in the game it is daily and in a week or two it will be constant and torrential, which means they should have had the tarps up over a month ago but they are just now contemplating whether or not they should hang them…in the meantime flats are flooding  on the upper levels of the building and maintenance crews are scrambling to assess but not actually fix the problems. Lots of interruptions throughout the day to see which flats are damaged by the rains.

Incredible India!

I will have a regular post published in a day or two.

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