I am still feeling discombobulated this week. I have been adjusting my circadian rhythms to a different time zone…unsuccessfully, for the past week. Part of the joy of travelling with Bipolar Disorder. I am still out of my room and working from the dining room table (this time with Piper’s help) and I have a list of things I need to do before I leave at the end of this week. It is times like these that I hate having an INTJ personality.

I simply can’t walk away and leave things unfinished and just in case anything goes wrong here while I am away, I have emergency fix it kits stashed for pet sitters and Sus when she returns. Adjusting my sleep patterns in Mumbai has continuously proven to be futile so on top of being discombobulated I am also exhausted, which seems to be my natural state since moving here. Too many people, too many vehicles, too much noise, too, too much of everything; there is a lesson to be learned here but I am finding it elusive at the moment. I need to recharge my introverted batteries and hopefully by Monday I will be playing hermit for a couple of months. Ahhh blissful solitude, how I miss you.

I hope by this time next week I will have some updates and pictures of the renovation work that is happening at the Meditation Center and I will be a bit more clear minded and back on track. I am off to finish packing and clean the flat (was just informed that the building is turning off the water between 10 a.m. and 4p.m. tomorrow, cleaning water tanks). It is India so it will be more around 12-6p.m. but either way it just changed my plans for tomorrow.




Photo taken by Pamela with Nikon DSLR 5300 Camera. Flowering Tree in the Gardens of Kesar Bhagh, Rajasthan, India




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