The best laid plans…


I forgot the plug point to my laptop, making it almost impossible to charge it (thank God for power banks it is slow but doable). I am also happy that I packed my tablet because that will be my primary mode of blogging while I am in Europe. 

I am currently enjoying the quiet and the food. Sus and I made a quick trip to Veliko Tarnovo for a few days…we are having water heater issues at the house in Gostilitsa. We checked on the work being done at the retreat in Vetrintci. Things are looking good. We did run into a hiccup with the sauna. The village electric grid will not support it so the sauna will be put on hold until a later date…possibly, looking into other options, etc..

Apologies for the delay in posting and lack of photos….things will get back to normal once I get settled in and get use to the layout for WordPress in tablet mode. Ciao!

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