Landscaping, Contractors  and Projects; oh my…


Sunrise in the mountains.
I spent the night at the Stara Planina Meditation Centre last night. It is the first time since we purchased the place that I have stayed there. It was peaceful and I slept well even though I was nervous about meeting with the landscapers the next day. In spite of having someone mow on a regular basis it has become very overgrown and I was certain that this was going to be a Herculean task.

It wasn’t. It is amazing the transformation that took place this morning and I am feeling a bit better about the process. Now if I can just get the contractors to do the finishing touches to some of the projects that have been left dangling for awhile.

So here are a few before and after photos. We still have a way to go but not feeling as overwhelmed.



We have some trees in the back that need removed and some that need trimmed. There are plants and shrubs that need to be transplanted to more suitable areas so they have some space to flourish and not strangle each other.

A few more visits from the landscapers and the contractors should be able to get back in there put those finishing touches in and start the beverage bar, fix and finish the lotus room (a cobbed extension off the main house), fix up the walkway, add stairs to the back yard and fix a seating area around the beverage bar…and what feels like a million other things that need to be done.

Oh…and the inside of the house could use some fresh paint…

I will keep you posted.

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