The Flu…

Ugh! Apologies for being AWOL (absent with out leave). Last week on my way back to Gostilitsa from Vetrintci I felt a bit off and what I thought was a migraine coming on turned out to be the flu. Three days of flu followed by two extra days of a stiff neck from sleeping in a weird position that third night. It kind of put a kink in things, no pun intended, because I had to cancel with the contractor and crew. I am all better and ready to go but they are now MIA (missing in action). So, yoga barn still needs finishing touches but the yard/garden is shaping up nicely. I didn’t take pics this time simply because I didn’t have the time and also because it is Autumn and things are beginning to die off so the beauty isn’t easily seen but mostly it was a time constraint.

I like to reflect on life’s little hiccups because over my 48 years on this planet I have discovered that there is always a lesson. Sometimes those lessons are small and sometimes they are large and/or repetitive. This was a small reminder of a much bigger life theme for me; I am prone to be very “all or nothing,” in my approach to life. Balance is my life theme. Me, getting knocked down with the flu was a little universal reminder that I was getting wound up. I had started to do a panic spiral, things aren’t going as planned, and as an INTJ there is always a plan and it has to be perfect, which really isn’t possible. So, I got knocked out of my panic (and plans); it is time to step back and assess and find the balance. Somewhere between my grand plan for the meditation center and what is actually happening with the work lies the solution. I also know that the solution will be multi-faceted…they always are.

Photo taken by Pamela with Samsung 8 camera phone. Close up of cart at the Dryanovo Monestery.

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