I thought my trip was ending in two weeks but it appears I some how lost track of the days when I had the flu and had ticked off days in my Day Planner that hadn’t actually happened…yet. I could be upset with myself but I am so happy that I am here for longer than I thought…that I am joyously going to cut myself some slack. I still do not have enough time to squeeze in all that I wanted to do but that too is okay because there will always be next time. 

My second attempt at watercolour painting is going phenomenally well, I am enjoying the fact that there isn’t a television, and I am having fun meeting up with people I know and meeting new. I wish my Bulgarian language skills were more improved but I am making some progress so I am not to disheartened. 

The garden at Vetrintci looks awesome and after meeting with the contractor yesterday, finishing touches on yoga barn will hopefully be done this week. God help that man’s soul if it isn’t. It won’t be the first time that I have gone off on one and made them cry. I do not understand why they think I shit sunshine and lollipops and can be pushed around. 

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