Intuitive Painting…

with watercolour, will be one of the classes that we will be offering at The Stara Planina Meditation Center. No previous art experience needed I will teach you some basic techniques and colour mixing. You will start off with a simple wet on wet wash and then sprinkle with salt and let dry…you will end up with something like this:

Or this…

Then it is up to you to figure out what you see and bring it to life…

An example: 
Started With this….

Somewhere in the middle of the process…

At the end…but will probably tweak it a little…

Sometimes in the shapes made by the salt blooms you see landscapes, angels, nebulae, etc. You are limited only by your imagination. Just one of the classes that will be offered and providing non-traditional ways to meditate.

Cover Photo…intuitive painting of an angel.

Insert photos. Salt bloom stock and Misty Mountain Morning.

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