Social Media Madness…

I have never had the patience for social media. I do not have an Instagram account. I have never tweeted on Twitter. I do have a Facebook account that occasionaly drives me insane. I honestly would not have an account if it were not for the fact that I travel, extensively, and it has become an economical and instantaneous way to keep in touch with friends and family. I have less than 100 “friends” on my FB page and I honestly don’t follow half of them.

The reason why?

Well…the reason is, quite simply, because I have a choice. I chose not to follow everyone. I may like them as fellow human beings but I may not agree with their personal lifestyle choices. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but they are not entitled to beat people over the head with said opinions and I have noticed that social media has become a soapbox platform for the tirades of the “reactive activist.” You know the type…the person that blows up in self righteous indignation over petty trifles that they find morally repugnant and offensive to them personally although they were never the object of attack but are attacking others rather vehemently.

I love a good debate, as an INTJ a spirited argument is wonderfully satisfying and I don’t really care which point I argue…that is part of the fun, but I draw the line at making that argument a platform to bully, wound or shame another human being. I understand that to most people at this time the world is a very chaotic and scary place but that doesn’t give us the right to spew forth venom and hurt others. 

Yes, the world needs to change but before we start pointing fingers and hurling verbal stones, let’s step back and take a deep breath and ask ourselves, Where am I coming from? A place of fear or a place hope? A wounded place or a place of love? Is what I am about to say going to hinder or help another human being? We all want things to be better but to change the world we have to change ourselves. You have the choice. You have always had the choice to be the best “you” possible. Stop playing the victim, stop taking things personally and stop being reactive to a situation that makes you uncomfortable. Get to a place in your life where you know yourself so resolutely, that you can’t be shaken. You then become active not reactive. You can move forward instead of spinning your wheels in the mud.
Photo: Monkeys on a Train. Nikon DSLR 5300…taken by me. Rajasthan, India

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