or…it has felt like one, spinning me in so many directions my head whirls by the minute. Life has been throwing things at me lately (faster than I would like) but I am happy to say I am, for the most part, taking it in stride and keeping up. Great for me but I find that once again my verbal skills and my knack for a non-linear thought pattern means I am struggling to convey to others what the universe is attempting to teach us and so I write.

I write because it allows me to get it all out in a stream of consciousness jumble that I can later form into coherent thoughts. I can cut and paste the random chaos into some semblance of sanity. Writing gives me a mode of communication that is relatable. I like words and I wish that they rolled from my tongue as easily as they do from my fingertips. Alas, wishes are like stars, there are billions of them out there but always beyond our grasp and perhaps that is why we wish upon falling stars…we view them as attainable. Silly? Perhaps, but let us not forget that we are made of Stardust.

I think that we forget how inter-connected everything is or perhaps we just make it complicated or feel it is too vast to understand and so we don’t look for the connection between the mundane and the mystical. Deep thoughts for a deep day.




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