Holidays with Family…

have always been my most stressful periods in life. I therefore have spent an entirely inappropriate amount of my energy and time trying to avoid the holidays. The past few years it has been different. It isn’t that I am participating in the festivities but I am making more trips home to be with family. A sort of psuedo holiday, close enough to the actual holiday that everyone is excited but not exhibiting all the frazzled drama. 

My grandparents have been the biggest reason for this change. Time with them has been running out and I want to spend as much as I can with those that are left. I am sadly down to one grandmother and a great aunt who was always like a grandmother (she is my paternal grandfather’s sister). I enjoy these psuedo holidays. I get one on one time and very little drama.

My dad is relaxed and talkative, my mother giggly and excited, my grandmother funny, my sister was…well…my sister. Today I am hanging out with my brother and Brian. We went to dinner last night and took a tour of their new home and I am excited to spend more time with them today. 

However you spend the holiday season and navigate family I hope that this season is filled with love and happiness. 

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