Somewhere in the Middle…

lies the truth and now looking back on the events of my life I see it for exactly what it is. Life in all its wonderfully painful glory. I could take you through all the other bipolar episodes and the fall out of each but there is really no need to. Those years of  so called teenage-angst were my genesis. It was the single point of origin. Heal that and all the other agonizing points cease to have power.

Here is what we fail to recognize for most of our life; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The human experience is rife with turmoil and exquisite with joy. Planet Earth is a realm of duality, which is an illusion. You will find that there are several of these illusions and there is a reason for that. In this physical human form we learn best through suffering.

Suffering isn’t fun but it is necessary and we fail to recognize this. We spend so much time either running away from or dancing endlessly with our suffering that we fail to see it for what it truly is. A lesson. A lesson that once learned ceases to result in suffering. So, you may be wondering, “What is the lesson in suffering?” I know that crossed my mind on several occasions, usually in the form of, “what the hell is going on and why?”

The lesson in suffering is to remind us of who/what we are and to help us recall and adapt what we have previously mastered (we are infinite beings after all and this is by far our only rodeo). You! You are a universe. A unique and marvelous point of origin (being) experiencing something quite special with other unique and marvelous beings; and guess what? None of us are going to have the exact same experience.  It might be similar to another but it is uniquely your very own…which brings us to lesson one…

Never, ever compare yourself to anyone else, to do so is a lesson in futility and produces lateral movement. The Siamese twin to this concept is modifying yourself to fit into a group, please another person or in an attempt to feel better about yourself. Self improvement is great but I have noticed that what we often focus on improving isn’t the source of our unhappiness.

I thought if I could escape my parents my life would improve and in a way it did but I also started to notice patterns in myself, my relationships, and life in general. You simply can’t out run suffering, it follows you, sneaks in when you least expect it and knocks you through a loop. It follows until you decide to face it and see the lesson.


Photo: Butterfly; Shimla, India (taken with Nikon DSLR 5300 by Pamela)




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