Tarot: The Lovers and The Chariot

#6 -The Lovers  (Discrimination, Relationships, Self-Love).

The Lovers is one of those cards (like The Empress) that have been unfairly pigeon-holed into a sad display of  familial and romantic fluff. Where as The Empress is a card about the Creative Force at play and has sadly been mistyped as a harbinger of Childbirth, the poor Lovers, a card about Choices, has sadly become a declaration of romance and the arrival of one’s soulmate. Choices. This card deals with Choices. The choice to integrate or discriminate, see the similarities or the differences. How do you view yourself and how do you view others?

We (as the ever present Fool) are still searching for our place in the world, our purpose; meaning. We have sought out spiritual knowledge and joined organizations in order to belong and be a part of the group. We now need to make choices regarding relationships with others in our group (or outside of it) and decide how to navigate this new aspect of life. Instead of thinking about this card as being about romantic relationships; view it as a card concerning all our relationships, even our relationship with Self. Are we playing it safe and only developing relationships with others similar to us or are we exploring differences as well? The downside to the Lovers card is Stagnation. Are we making safe choices by only aligning or pursuing relationships with others that are similar to us?

Keywords: Love, union, Bonds, alignment, relationships, Harmony, Attraction (all aspects/forms), Choice.

More questions to ponder: “Who is the focus of your attentions?” “Do you pay attention to how you love yourself (self-respect)?” “How do you view love?” “Are your relationships (all) Harmonious?” “Why or Why Not?” “Are you okay with being single?” “Have you detected patterns in your relationships (aka…why they fail, work)?” “What do you fear about love/relationships?” “Are all your friends or romantic relationships similar or different from you?” “How do you feel about that?” “At this period in time are you willing/ready to merge with another in some aspect or explore the male and female aspects of yourself?” “Are you afraid of loving another or being loved?”  “Do you think you are unworthy of love and friendship? why or why not?” “In what way do I discriminate against myself/others?” “How can I change that?”

What to remember about this card: You learn more about yourself through interactions with others. By choosing to interact with others that are different from us we are able to reach new heights of understanding, about ourselves, others and the world. By understanding these differences we are able to find common ground (our methods or traditions may be different but in the end we are all looking to achieve the same thing…love, harmony, happiness, security, etc.)


# 7 -The Chariot (Victory, Direction, Receptivity) 

The Chariot denotes a cycle of awareness coming to a close. We started on an inward journey, and moved outward, we struggled with our self, others and our sense of belonging. We learned from these struggles and are more self aware, and we are wanting to take charge of our life given these new lessons learned; gifts earned. Our journey is changing direction and we are once again turning towards self (inward).

You realize that you are the agent of change in your life, and you are ready to start reaching new goals by harnessing your Will Power to get things done. The downside to this card is that often with our determined focus to reach our goals we become insensitive to our needs (physical/emotional) and the needs of others (emotional). We also may act impulsively, realizing an aspect of our live needs to change, we change purely for the sake of change without thinking the process through (strong body but weak mind /loss of control).

Keywords: Will Power, Charging Ahead, Direction, Control, Victory, assertion, Successful completion of goals/tasks, Confidence, aggression.

What you need to remember about this card: Success is the result of hard work, determination, and personal drive/will. Keep the pace, never give up and never sacrifice your beliefs/morals/ethics. You are capable of shaping your Destiny/Life. This is not a futile and aimless journey; You are in control but you need to be self disciplined.

Questions to ask: “Do I feel I lack direction in Life?” “What changes can I make that will allow me to feel less aimless?” “Am I neglecting my physical and emotional needs in order to achieve a goal or complete a task?” “In what areas of my life am I unable to relinquish control?” “Have I used others in order to benefit myself/achieve a goal?” “How do I feel about doing so?” “What were my motives for doing so?” “What were the consequences?” “Do I often make impulsive decisions or rush to complete a task/goal?” “What are my motives for doing so?” “When was the last time I completed a task/achieved a goal?” “In what ways can I motivate myself to stay on track?” “Do I feel I lack control in my life?” “What are the circumstances that make feel that way?” “What steps can I take to change my course into one that is more positive and rewarding?” “What can I do to feel like I have more control in my life?”


Photo: Friends (Amber,Grey Tabby Cat and Nimue, Black Cat), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.A., taken with a Motorola phone-camera by Pamela

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