Life gets in the way…

Hi everyone, I will resume regular posts tomorrow…hopefully. I slept really well last night but woke this morning feeling as if I had been hit by a truck and I have a horrible headache. I also woke up to our two dogs being sick and a few messes. I have spent most of the morning cleaning up messes and then waiting for our vet to arrive at her office (Indian Standard Time means that even though the office hours are set to open at 10:00a.m. no one will be there until noon). It is well into the afternoon and dogs are now sleeping after the trauma of a vet office in India (lots of shouting (vet, staff and other pet parents) and pushing (because with the huge population they have culturally decided that they must each be first (no such thing as a queue/line here), cramped spaces, blood draw, gathering of urine samples and temp taken), house is clean and I feel like crap. Tried to work on post but really not getting anywhere. I am truly sorry but at this point i don’t think my post would be coherent. See you all tomorrow…hopefully.

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