Justice and The Hanged Man

# 11 -Justice (Decision, Fair Treatment, Unfailingly Just (balance of heart and mind))  

Justice generates an increased sense of responsibility. You realize that your will is modified by, and subject to, the will of others and induces a wish for fairness. You comprehend that all are equal and all of life is sacred. That there is an effect to every action/cause (karma) and this nurtures a deeper sense of responsibility. The down side to the Justice card is turning a blind eye to, or accepting, injustices in exchange for your own personal solitude and serenity.

The card of Justice has us seeking Balance within our self and a greater awareness of the consequences of our actions. We are learning to be responsible and that we have control of our own life and we should always act with dignity/integrity. Your attitude towards a situation plays a major role in shaping the directions you choose to move into. Think of it as learning the fundamental basics of the laws of attraction.

Keywords: Truth, Conscious, Clarity, Natural Law, Fairness, action, challenge, Righted Wrongs/Responsibility, decisions/choices, Karma, cause and effect.

Questions to ask: “Where in my life do I continue to make negative and unjust choices?” “Am I unconsciously reactive to most situations?” “Do I stop and consider the consequences of my actions and how they impact myself and others?” “Am I able to detect cause and effect patterns in my life?” ” What choices could I have made that would have made the situational outcome different/better?” “How often do you take the little things that others do/don’t do personally?”   ” How often do you take chance happenings (such as power failure due to weather, construction, etc, or bad weather ruining plans) as personal attacks (You might say things like: “well, that’s just great; even the weather, mother nature, god or the universe is against me)?” “Can you start being more aware of when you re-act to these type of situations?” “Have you ever seen an unjust act against another and didn’t help or act/say anything because you didn’t want to rock the boat?” “How would you have felt if you were the other person?”

What to remember about Justice: Don’t take things personally. Stay centered and remember the goal is inner peace through understanding (of self first then others). Try to see both sides of a situation so that it may be resolved in a fair manner. You have a choice in how you respond to any situations that occur in your life. If you can’t stay positive at least stay neutral.

# 12 -The Hanged Man (Change of Thought/in Thinking, Sacrifice, Waiting)

The Hanged Man is also one of those cards that usually scare people. It is not a card you should be fearful of, rather, you should do exactly as this card wants you to do and Let what ever you are struggling with go, wait it out, accept the small losses (sacrifice of time, money, relationships) and then look at the situation with a new perspective after the dust settles. I guarantee there will be new solutions pop up that you just couldn’t see before and guess; what sometimes what we thought we wanted and what we actually get is way better than what we initially fought for. The downside of this card is stalling out due to exhaustion, indecisiveness or frustration over trying to change the unchangeable.

This card is showing us that we are letting our Ego lead the way in life. Our Ego, as I have stated in other posts, is the head of our Physical Safety and Security department. It was never meant to be part of our Spiritual Life Guidance System so send ego back to the right department. Stop trying to control the uncontrollable, it is a futile fight; in other words stop trying to put your cart before your horse if you want to move forward.

The Hanged Man is a transcendental card. Your core values or belief systems are in a flux stage (this is a naturally occurring process if you are evolving as a spiritual being). We, as humans, have a tendency to avoid change at all costs when we should actually just learn to let life progress organically. Retreat, reflect and revamp your value/belief system and then once you find it to be valid (for you) trust it and yourself implicitly (Until it is time to revamp it again…life long process so you might as well accept it).

Keywords: Transition, Intuition, Suspension, Surrender, reversal, Selflessness, Self-Improvement, Clarity, Purification, Sacrifice (temporary), Vision, Waiting, Following a Higher Calling,

Questions to ask: “where am I standing in my way?” “What values/beliefs are keeping me from moving forward?” “Which of my relationships/situations are reflecting this defunct value/belief system back to me?” “What/Who am I fearful of losing if I move forward?” “Do I need to alter all or some of my current value/belief system?”  “What aspects in my life am I trying to force that I should just accept and surrender to?” What aspects in life leave me feeling uncertain?”  “What in my life is Unchangeable (illness, injury, death of a loved one?”  “How has this situation altered my perspective/ belief or value system?” “Where do I feel I am spiritually restricted?”  “What aspects in my life need acceptance?” “What aspects/situations in my life do I need to surrender for a time and re-visit at a later date?”

What to remember about The Hanged Man card: What will be will be. Learn to surrender and accept the situation (surrendering does not mean you are giving up or failing). Let it go! Embrace the stalemate, and learn to see things from another perspective. Stop Ego-tripping! You can’t Control Everything! Get out of your way! The Universe has a greater plan for you, and you already signed on the dotted line, it is just making sure you don’t get side-tracked.

Photo: The Tower. Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. Taken by Pamela with a Nikon DSLR 5300, wide angle lens.

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