The Tower

The Tower card is a universal Wake Up card, pure and simple. It is that card that says, “Hey, I have given you every opportunity to deal with your issues in a gradual and gentle way but you just didn’t get it done…so…Surprise! You have to deal with all those scary things you’ve been hiding from yourself and you are going to deal with them NOW!” Yes, it will be hard and yes it will be painful but once you’ve done it you will be asking why you didn’t do it sooner. There are some very fortunate souls out there that chose to do their shadow work in that much easier, less painful way but I was not one of those souls.

I admit I was given several life altering events that should have got me to where I needed to be in a less traumatic way but whether it was cockiness, laziness, fear or a bit of all three I seemed to have mastered avoidance rather than myself. I can’t say that my final hospital stay was my Tower event, although it did get the ball rolling. I, did however, spend the next five years after my hospital stay, literally being forced to deal with all the muck I had avoided. It wasn’t pretty and I was quite certain that I wouldn’t survive it but looking back I am glad that it happened and I am glad that I chose to have faith and learn those hard lessons.

# 16- The Tower (Upheaval, Rude/Sudden Awakening, Revelation)

We have had several cards that ask us to go within and search the depths of our soul and fix our fear-based issues and doing that is a painful process. Struggle/suffering is an excellent teacher but the Tower card comes into play when we just skimmed the surface of our soul and didn’t really deal with the issues. Maybe it was our fear, maybe we got a little cocky and felt we had done enough and perhaps it was just one of those, ‘a day late and a dollar short,’ scenarios whatever the case may be…we dropped the ball and so the universe is going to get us back on track and in a very big, you can’t miss it, way. Forget the life-altering lessons we have previously had this is going to be Life-Shattering, Foundation Destroying, Everything you thought you knew, Everything you thought you were, Reality as you knew it is destroyed.

I can see why this is a feared card but the upside to this, and there is a very big upside, is Liberation. When all you are and all you have ever known has been utterly destroyed there is a release, a freedom, and you have the opportunity to make you and your life what you want it to be. You no longer have any illusions to grasp ahold of, you have no more fear. You have wiped the slate clean and are free to write a new story. It is a pretty extreme way to get the job done but hey, some of us (like me) just can’t seem to do anything the easy way.

Keywords: Chaos, Disruption, Truth, Revelation, Breakthrough, Upheaval, Renewal, Acts of Divine Love, Liberation/Freedom, Faith, Unstoppable and Sudden Change, Collapse, Destruction,

Questions to ask: “What was I too afraid to look at that led me to this point?” “Do I have faith that all will be as it should be?” “What values about myself, others, the world, my purpose, etc. needs to be rebuilt?” “Am I able to see complete loss as a gift?” “Why or Why not?” “Where do I go from here?” “What do I want life to be from here on out?” “Who do I want to be from here on out?” “What short term goals can I make to help me find ME?” “Can I accept that the person I was no longer exists?”

What to remember about the Tower card, your foundations will be destroyed but you can and will rebuild and you will be better for it. Have faith, everything will be exactly as it needs to be, so let go of the outcome. Once the dust settles you will see and understand exactly why everything happened as it did.


Photo: The Moon. taken by Pamela with a Motorola camera-phone, indigo filter, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, U.S.A.


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