Temperance, The Star, and The Moon

# 14 -Temperance (Patience, Balance, Moderation)

The Temperance card is that, “haven’t I been put through enough already and can I just get a break?” card. It is a reminder to have patience with yourself; as well as with others. It prompts you to look outside yourself for assistance (support network) and clear up any loose ends (perhaps by just putting them in a new order or a new situation/ state of mind or attitude). Be gentle with yourself, don’t push so hard, don’t go to extremes or off on wild tangents. Foster cooperation, learn to compromise and work as a team to get things done. Know your limits and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Find Healing and Harmony in your life, after all, You and only you can do this. This is a valuable lesson for any aspect/area where you feel a sense of lack in your life. If you can find it (Healing/Harmony/Love/Abundance, etc.), foster it and sustain it within your self then there is no longer any need to expect others to provide it for you (others can only do that on a temporary basis because they have their own issues/journey). You will also find that by doing this there is no longer a fear or lack mentality on a personal level and what you have been searching for your entire life just sort of shows up better than you expected.

Keywords: Gentle Self-Evaluation, Purpose, Mental Clarity, Long Term Vision, Calm, Co-operation, Adaptation, Self-management.

Questions to ask: “Where in my life do I need to compromise?” “What aspect/issue in my life could benefit from me stepping back and approaching it from a different perspective?” “Is this a situation that would benefit from the assistance of a trained professional or a trusted friend?” “Do I have any hobbies or talents that I could participate in to alleviate stress rather than turning to bad habits (over-eating, drinking, shop therapy, etc.)?” “Are there any interests that I could pursue that could help me deal with stressful situations in a positive manner (yoga/meditation, reiki, art classes, joining a gym, spending time in nature, volunteer work, animal rescue, etc.)?”

What to remember about the Temperance card: This is your life, learn to view it as something that is happening for you (co-creator) not to you (victim). Find ways to self-manage the stress in your life and don’t be afraid to ask for (temporary) help when you need it. Develop patience, and pursue paths that bring you (inner) harmony and healing (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). Seek Balance. Master Moderation. Let go of the all or nothing mentality. Be Aware of negative self talk.

#17 -The Star (Hope, Inspiration, Renewal)

The Star is a symbol of hope, inspiration and renewal, that little twinkly light after a stormy patch in life. The Star wants us to connect with that eternal source of love, harmony and creativity. Rediscover your dreams and make them happen, you have the ability, you always have. I like to think of this card as a “reaping what you have sown”  card. If you have taken the time to wade through all the muck in life and paid attention to the lessons that were to be learned then The Star is the big pay off. There is a sense of the World is Rosy, everything is great and effortless. Things just couldn’t be more fantastic. Take advantage of this harmonious energy and pursue what your heart desires. You have the ability, clarity of mind/ vision, and a renewed sense of purpose that enhances the positivity that is rolling through your life at that moment. Go on…Reach for the Stars!

ok…so we know that life ebbs and flows and after every high there is a low…but do enjoy those highs and take something very valuable forward into the next low. With each new low, you bring with you all the lessons and survival skills that you have learned along the way…use them. They make those lows easier to deal with and eventually you find that those lows aren’t as noticeable.

#18 -The Moon (Emotional Turmoil, Deception, Insecurity)

…and The Moon could be categorized as one of those low points but in a healing way. The difference at this point is there are some issues creeping in here and there and fear rears its ugly little head but you aren’t paralyzed by fear like you once were. You have been face to face with fear numerous times and you have survived each incident. You even developed some skills along with those hard-knock life lessons and you know how to use them.

You accept the fact that you might be insecure and you might be deceiving yourself about a situation, person, or decision that needs to be made but you know that after this initial, habitual knee-jerk reaction subsides you can and will process the information regarding this situation, trust yourself and move forward. In other words you consciously use your skills to assess, and fix a situation before it becomes a major life issue. Life is hard but you aren’t going to make any harder than it has to be.

Keywords: Bewilderment (temporary), Imagination (skill), Altered Consciousness (chosen reality), uncertainty, Magic, change of heart, Illusion, Intuition, Subconscious (denied or repressed reality).

Questions to ask: “what was my knee-jerk emotional reaction (anxiety, fear, uncertainty/insecurity, self doubt, denial) to this new situation? “How did this emotional response manifest physically (lashed out at loved ones, substance abuse, over-eating, trying to control (physical) the situation, etc.?” “How did i  successfully process the last stressful situation?” “Will that method work here?” “If not, what other methods can I use?” “Am I willing to ask for help if I need it?” “Why or why not?” “Am I willing to change my mind about the situation, let go, or allow some time to pass and then re-assess when calmer?” “Is there a self-management tool (meditation, exercise, art/crafts) I can utilize to help me regain my calm and composure?” “Can I see the positive in this situation?” “Can I run the possible outcome scenarios to help feel prepared and produce a solid plan of action?” “what issue might I still be denying and I need to finish working through?”

What to remember about the Moon card: You have been here before, so push the fear aside. You are capable of working through this situation, Just do it! Face the facts, see the illusions, process the information, use your mad skills and kick some butt!

Photo: The Star (2). Taken by Pamela, camera phone. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

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