Simple Pleasures…

We are down to our final three Major Arcana Tarot cards and I find myself with a bit of Brain Fog (common for people with Bipolar) and knowing that I probably wont do those last three cards any justice if I forge ahead I am going to do a post about simple pleasures. Life can be difficult and when you either willingly decide to work through personal issues or Life is forcing your hand, it is always wise to remember that taking a break is a good thing.

My wise Aunt C. once told me, during a particularly difficult time in my life, “to always make time for simple pleasures.” These are things that bring you joy and although some of them may cost a little something, there are always freebies that can be found if you look hard enough. The point of these little indulgences is to treat yourself with love and respect. You are special and you deserve a special treat

When my Aunt C. told me to make time for simple pleasures I was recently divorced, raising, 3 small children (all under the age of 6), I had just started taking classes at university/college (15 credit hours/full time) and was working 3 part time jobs. I was stressed, way beyond frazzled, and constantly meeting myself coming and going. I was  also notoriously bad at self-care, I literally burned my candle at both ends until I dropped or had an episode and she might have told me this to slow my butt down. Whatever her motives it worked; mostly.

The first of these little pleasures were movies and video games. There is a reason for this, money was excruciatingly tight and I didn’t have much time with the kids. So, when I did have some time we went to the library and checked out two movies and two videogames. It was both bonding time and downtime (for me) and truth be told the video games were a fun distraction…the movies, well…some were cute and funny and some were very annoying but the kids were happy, so whatcha gonna do but watch the movies, of course.

As the kids got older (as did I) I got to try other pleasures, such as treating myself to a latte or a slice of carrot cake and spend time by myself and just breathe and enjoy the silence. Once the kids were grown and on their own, I loved finding old bookstores; I love the smell of old books. I would find a favorite novel and a cozy little nook and settle into an overstuffed chair for an hour. It is always free to browse and occasionally I would find a book I couldn’t live without and make a purchase. It was a great way  to spend a bit of me time.

At this point in my life, with all the hustle and bustle, noise and pollution, people and traffic of Mumbai, India my simple pleasure involves getting up early while the rest of the city (and household) is still asleep and enjoying the peace and quiet with a morning cup of coffee. Coffee is something that in my past I have abused quite mercilessly, I lived on the stuff. It is also one of those items that after my Hospital stay I was forbidden to indulge in. So, I was overjoyed when a few years ago I was allowed to have it again…in moderation.

I have, over the years, learned to make these simple pleasures a bit of a ritual. I take my time and I am mindful of the process. I make sure there are little or no distractions and I enjoy the process as much as the treat. It is a way of honoring myself as well as the universe. Gratitude is an important part of the process. If you can be grateful for the small and simple things in life than it is easier to accept the larger gifts that the universe wants you to enjoy.


Photo: Latte at LPQ. Powai, India


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  1. jmnowak says:

    Yes, good! I, too, have a great affinity for books and bookstores (and libraries) and had quite a library myself, in the past. Needed to downsize and hated to release all that knowledge and creativity for others. But, I got over it. I just visit the local library now!

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    1. Pamela says:

      lol. Love the library. I had over 5000 books that I had to part with when we were preparing to move to India. I honestly have no idea how I ended up with that many and out of all the things that I had to part with those were the ones I grieved over, as if they were a beloved friend and I suppose, in a way, they were. I kept 3 very old and fragile books that had been my grandmother’s and the rest were donated with a prayer that they would find new and loving homes. I have, once again, with my upcoming move back to the States found that I have amassed a fairly sizable collection. Looking forward to having access to a library again. I suppose my addiction to books is preferable to other vices.

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