The Sun, Judgement and The World

We are down to our last three Major Arcana cards and we as the Fool have been through many obstacles. We understand that there will be many more. We can face these future obstacles confident that having mastered Self we will from here on out consciously approach these future obstacles with grace, dignity, integrity, and faith that all will be as it is meant to be. We will be able to find the lessons in the struggles faster and therefore move into peace, harmony and joy sooner.

#19 -The Sun (Joy, Expansion, Life)

The Sun is a happy card. Things in life just seem to click and go right. It is an all encompassing life epiphany. “Aha!” I get it…finally. All the things you were fearful of, all the fighting against/for, all the struggles…all the lessons…You finally get what it was all about. Take time to recognize your achievements and celebrate them.

Keywords: Joy, Enlightenment, vitality, radiance, life, fun, positivity, expansion.

Questions to ask: “How have my successes made me confident?” “How have my failures made me confident?” “Can I look back at my struggles and find the positive in them?” “How can I best utilize the excitement about my life to expand my self-knowledge further?”

What to remember about The Sun card: Find the positive in all situations, Be confident and “Shine Bright.” Be a conscious creator.

#20 -Judgment (Evaluation, Realization, Inner Calling)

The Judgement card isn’t what it sounds like, we aren’t judging ourselves, others or broken systems in the world. I like to think of it more as a review of our past; a relinquishment. This is the time to step back, See how all the puzzle pieces fit together, how you struggled, feared, made mistakes, took responsibility, worked hard, struggled a bit more but it all worked out in the end. You didn’t give up. You didn’t fail. It might not have gone quite the way you expected but that’s okay. It all turned out pretty spectacular. Judgment wants you to let go of all those old patterns of negative self-talk, self doubt, etc.. You see and understand how they held you back and that they actually didn’t serve a purpose in your life…so…let them go.

Keywords: rebirth, inner-calling, evaluation, introspection, life-calling, awakening.

Questions to ask: “Am I able to forgive my past mistakes and move forward?” “Can I let what no longer serves me go…completely?” “Can I see the ‘bigger picture’ or how things unfolded just as they should have?” “Can I recognize how I got in my way/self-sabotaged?” Is there any aspect that I would like to work on a bit longer?”

What to remember about the Judgment card: Be Authentic! Don’t slip back into old patterns and issues that hold you back from achieving your calling. Live your life according to your truth not the expectations of others. Be confident.

#21 -The World (Success, Completion, Accomplishment)

The World is all about completion and expansion. You have fought the good fight and won. You have a well earned sense of confidence and are ready to face new challenges. You are at peace with yourself and are in touch with your higher power.

Keywords: completion, infinite possibilities, integration, sacred contracts, accomplishment, success, beautiful beginnings.

Questions to ask: “What have I always wanted to do, learn, try, or master that I never had the confidence to pursue until now?” “What possibilities would I love to pursue?”

What to remember about The World card: Celebrate You! Allow yourself to be happy and to be proud of your achievements. Focus on new possibilities.

The Tarot cards can actually be a valuable self-discovery tool and you can make the lesson as simple or as complex as you want. There is meaning in the numbers, the symbols, the colors, astrological correlations, etc. and if you can find any information on the Tree of Life or other ancient religious correspondences that worked in tandem with the cards it opens up another level.

Keep it at a self discovery level when doing a spread. Don’t ask, “Am I going to find the love of my life or become rich soon?” The cards aren’t magical entities. They won’t  answer those types of questions but they will help you to look at those things you keep hidden from yourself. You do have to be willing to take a look though. I think that most people on the planet have figured out that if they want love they must find it within. If they want peace they must find it within, for all things we might search for, we must first find it within before it manifest without. The cards can help you detect what is keeping you from finding it within. Good luck and have fun!

Photo: Life’s More Fun with Monkeys! #15. Shimla, India. taken by Pamela with Nikon DSLR 5300

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