The Weekend

The weekend did not go as planned which, unfortunately, happens a lot here in Mumbai. The dogs are both doing better and after almost two weeks of antibiotics they now eye me suspiciously every time I come near them and feeding time has become a chore. My two fluffy garbage disposals now spend most of their breakfast time trying to get the cats to eat the dog breakfast and luckily one of them is always happy to comply and after a brief waiting period, if said cat is still alive (and it always is), the dogs will suspiciously and slowly eat most of their breakfast (there might be a delayed death of said cat better to eat some of it and be safe rather than sorry).

Lily usually takes medicine quite well, Sheba never has and normally breakfast is the high-light of their day. I have to admit that I have spoiled our pets, they get home cooked meals, they always have. I am not a fabulous cook but they have never complained until now. I really don’t think it is my cooking, I think that somehow they think in order to get that medicine in their body I would stoop so low as to sneak it in their food or perhaps the antibiotics skewed the taste buds. I am not certain what it is but they had to take the meds around a meal time.

I thought that since they were now done with the cycle of meds that perhaps things would calm down but no. Still not eating what I cook, so Sus is doing the cooking and they seem to be eating just fine. Great! One worry off my plate…

and then…

I got sick, don’t know if it was some flu strain, tainted food (and here who knows) but I was down for the count. It was horrible for about 48 hours and now I am feeling better, but my rib cage feels like someone used me as a punching bag and I am living on boiled potatoes and Limca (carbonated beverage sort of like 7-up). Sus is back to work and I am behind in the housework and responsible for feeding pets again.

Holi (The Indian Festival of Colours) is this coming weekend which means everyone that works for the building society is running around ringing doorbells to see who will be at the society Holi party. Our neighbors are home and that means lots of yelling (madam yelling at the maids, maids yelling back, parents yelling at adult children and adult children yelling back at parents), and people coming and going also with lots of yelling.

Not to mention our security phone ringing constantly to announce parcels for the neighbors (as well as our own) since they aren’t hearing their phone ring. I can hear it so I don’t know why they can’t? I finally unplugged our phone but that just meant security came to our door and rang the bell. “Is your phone not working?” “Can we come in and fix it?” “Not broken, just unplugged, please call neighbors if it is their delivery not me.” “Yes, madam, no problem madam.” they head across the hall to our neighbor’s flat, yelling ensues. I, like an idiot, plug phone back in and it rings, “parcel.” Delivery comes up and it is for the neighbors. UGH!

The cat litter we ordered from Amazon a month ago was delivered this week and returned because (in typical Indian fashion) they sent something other than litter…still waiting on litter. I am sure there is a lesson here somewhere and one day it will click and I will get it and perhaps the lesson is laughter. I have to admit, when I feel better and my ribs are no longer sore I will be laughing as I tell this story to my brother, or friends back home.

I think the only one’s that are happy about this at the present moment are the dogs because not realizing they are done with their meds…they think all the distractions are keeping me too busy to give them. I am moving slow, have a lot of stuff to catch up on and my brain isn’t firing on all cylinders. I am hoping to be back on course by the end of the week but with all the festivities hoopla and the general inefficiency and Mumbai dysfunction…who can tell.

Photo: Lily The Goofball!



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