Normalcy or something sort of like it.

I never did get a post published at the end of the week. The Holi holiday festivities, beginning of yet another wedding season and the fact that internet has been spotty (my guess is that with all the construction (to house the masses of Mumbai) someone clipped the cable and being a holiday and the beginning of another wedding season no one was around to fix it) and that made things a bit trying as of late. Dog’s are feeling great, and trusting me to feed them again, I am feeling better too but we are all tired, lots of all night fireworks and Bollywood Beats can take a toll on a being. I have found that India loves any excuse to party and it starts early and runs late and will go on for days.

I did video a few snippets of the festivities. Each of the buildings has its own society and each society has its own celebration for the holidays. I was able to zoom in on some of the parties but others were on the other side of the buildings and they weren’t very big parties due to the fact that most of Mumbai was still asleep (roughly 10 a.m.). I was awake because I can not sleep through all the music and it started at 6 a.m. and it is incredibly loud and each building is playing their own music and its at a volume that even noise cancelling headphones don’t block out and you can actually physically feel the music. This will go on all day until about 10 p.m. and then they start with fireworks and that and music will go on until 3 a.m. and that is the drill for the next 3 to 7 days and luckily this one was done in 3 days.

Tomorrow will be a regular post and I will get everything back on track.

Just to give you a little taste of the local Holi Festivities here in Powai, Mumbai:

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