Feeling the Pressure…


Sus’s contract is up in April and that means we will be leaving India. It also means that it is time once again to purge 4 years of accumulated stuff. Where does it all come from? We did a major purge before we moved here, we moved with just our clothing, the pets and their stuff and a few miscellaneous items. The furniture belongs to the company and will be returned and there are some things that just won’t go with us but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the rest of the stuff.

I volley back and forth between “donate it all” and “we might need that and I don’t want to waste money to purchase it again.” We are also starting a new life venture and although that is exciting it has its dilemmas. What do I need for this new phase and what is just going to be extraneous stuff taking up space? I admit that I do better with this than Sus. I have been contemplating a minimalist way of life for quite awhile and I was able to live that way quite successfully (and happily) last summer/fall in Bulgaria.

I mention this because I have been distracted as of late and we are quickly approaching crunch time and so my posts might be a bit more sporadic. I have good intentions but I seem to find less hours in the day as of late. I have been sorting through the past four years of stuff and trying to get the pets ready to travel, which is going surprisingly well for the most part. Dog’s are great at going into their crates but the cats…if only they were as food motivated as the dogs.

I am hoping for a smooth transition but the next few weeks are going to be hectic so please have patience with me during this phase. Thank you all.


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