Simple Pleasures…A Change of View


I took a tiny trip to Delhi, India to take care of some paperwork and I got back last night. I was only out of Mumbai for two nights but it feels as though I have been away for weeks. This tiny trip reminded me of how important it can be to take a break from our everyday routines.

I needed a break and I hadn’t realized how badly I had needed one. I had forgotten how incredibly humid, noisy and congested Mumbai is, in one of those “fail to see the forest through the trees” sort of way. I do not handle the combination of heat and humidity very well and I had started to forget just how much the constant noise impacts me. Delhi, although hot, lacks the humidity that Mumbai has. Delhi is also much quieter and more organized. I slept like a baby and I feel recharged and ready to resume packing. What a difference a change of view can make even if it is just for a couple of nights.

Photo: The Garden at The Leela Hotel in Delhi. taken by Pamela with Nikon DSLR 5300.

Since I wasn’t in Delhi to sight see I didn’t take my camera, this is an older photo from a previous trip. I wish I had taken my camera this time the garden was fabulously filled with beautiful flowers and an array of cute birds frolicking around.




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