Some Where Between a Rock…


and a hard place you shall find me. The saga of this modern nomad’s move continues. I actually was feeling pretty exhilarated today. Donation items are actually starting to move on to new homes; freeing up space to place the items that are moving with us but aren’t necessarily being used at this time out of my way. The Crate training has also been going quite well; God love those furry little pets and the fact that they are so food driven. They have even started hanging out in their crates just for fun and I suspect for extra treats (and I haven’t disappointed them).

Movers have a date to come in and pack things up and ship it out. Things seemed to be going smoothly and then today was the first round of the pet related portion of this ordeal. Me being who I am:

A). I had the door open so the pet relocation people wouldn’t ring the ear drum shattering doorbell (and they rang it anyway even though Sus was standing right at the doorway to let them in).

B). All cats were sequestered in their respective crates with kitty crunchies and cat nip but the doorbell made everyone freak and the dog’s barked and quite frankly I was ready to kill the ringer of the bell.

We got the dog’s settled, two of the three cats calmed down and I was working on the third when the idiot started moving stuff around and there was no calming Izzu, so out she goes to her favorite hiding place. That place is my bed under the covers and I confess it isn’t a great hiding spot but by cat logic since she cant see us, we can’t see her.

We then had the argument about the size of the crates. They are the same crates that the dog’s came here in but for some reason the Indian pet relocation people think the dogs need bigger crates. We are following the guidelines that the Airline we are flying with suggested. We can not get the pet relocation people to understand that we are crossing over the Atlantic ocean and turbulence is going to happen. We want the pets comfortable but secure and if we go with a bigger crate they will have plenty of room to chase their tails if they wish but they run the risk of injury during turbulence. They also think that we can just sedate the animals for the four hour flight. WHAT??????

I am not sure why everyone here thinks that it takes four hours…it will be at least eight to Europe and another eight to the States. This has caused some anxiety because I am not sure my pets are going to even make back home. Plus if they think the pets can be sedated why does it matter how much room they have to play in? This was a question that no one could answer. Tomorrow we have vet visits and microchip readings to go through and the ordeal with that is that the vet isn’t understanding the difference between “at 30 days or more” and “within 30 days” regarding rabies shots and vaccinations.

India has issues with Time, Size and Gender, which causes problems with processing paperwork correctly in a timely and efficient manner. They just shrug and give you the “it’s no problem, madam” and think it can all be fixed if you pay a bribe and you can’t make them understand that in some countries you can’t just pay a “bribe” and all will be well. You may have to pay a fine/fee for not processing things correctly and it is going to be way more than a bribe price. Not to mention they are being paid to process the paperwork correctly and move the pets. I fail to understand why this concept eludes them.

Anyway…I am sure that it will get better (I hope) and that the pets will make it safely back to the States (again…I hope). This concludes our segment of Rants with Rexella, tune in next time for our discussion on Turning Simple Difficult: Lessons from Sisyphus.


Photo: Life’s More Fun with Monkeys # 29. Somewhere in Rajasthan, India. This is the same face I make when stupidity abounds.


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