The Clutter War Continues


I think I might have just won a battle or two but the war still wages. This weekend all the extra stuff that has been accumulating the past four years came under review and was either put in a “I will think about keeping you” pile or went straight to the donation pile and the donations were delivered to their new home yesterday. I have to admit the declutter rush is pretty addictive. I have also been sleeping better.

I realize that sounds strange but I have been waking up in the middle of the night in a panic because…

A). I felt like I wasn’t getting enough done in a timely matter (too much stuff and too little time).


B). What all was lurking in those closets that I haven’t seen for months or years? I was having nightmares that what was in the closets was mostly trash and it all got packed by the moving company and shipped to the new house. It turns out those nightmares were warranted.

Not trash in the typical manner but unnecessary clutter. In India, when you shop, there are freebie items given out with purchase of a similar or related item. For example; you might get a free juice glass with purchase of a carton of juice. Sometimes these freebie items are useful like the juice glass and sometimes they aren’t; like the vouchers that require you to drive to another “sister” store for a 75% off pillow sham when you bought towels at the first store. Great if you need a pillow sham but if you don’t….well it is just more stuff.

We also got into the habit of stocking up when we would take trips home. Some items back home that we take for granted, like toiletries and hygiene products, are considered luxury items here. Deodorant, for example, that would cost me roughly a $1.50 back home will be $20.00 or more here. It was just cost effective to gather what I needed for a year and pack it in a suitcase. The problem is that those items are considered status items and so we had issues with maids pilfering said items, which prompted us to stash things in a closet and you know the saying out of sight out of mind…I found enough stuff to open my own pharmacy.

Some of it was expired and went into the trash and some that will expire in a month or two got donated and the rest will get put in my suitcase and I just won’t have to purchase those items for several months and since we don’t do the maid thing back home I should be able to keep track of it instead of hiding it in a closet. I am drawing conclusions as I am sorting through the closets and I have decided that I am going to make some changes…again.

I feel as though all I have done the past 13 years is go through a continuous cycle of change. The plus side to all this change is I no longer get attached to the outcome. I freely let it evolve without the urge to control or micromanage every detail. It is what it is and me trying to control everything has actually proven to be more detrimental than helpful. I have also noticed that by letting change evolve naturally rather than fighting it, I am less stressed and I have more time to be an observer to the change rather than getting stuck in the “what if’s.”

Don’t get me wrong. I am not apathetic. I simply realized I have choices. I can choose to go against the flow (wasting my time making something simple entirely too difficult) or I can go with the flow and tidy up along the way. This new change is about making life simple. I enjoy the simplicity of my home in Bulgaria. I have a bed, table, two chairs, a small fridge and a hot plate and a small set of kitchen stuff…utensils, plates /bowls, cups , glasses, etc.. I had so much more time to do not only what I needed to do but also what I wanted to do. That is my new goal. Live Simple no matter where I am.

I am tired of clutter owning me rather than me owning the clutter but it is a mute point altogether if there is no clutter. So, I am off to see what else is lurking in the closets and what unnecessary items I can find to donate.


Photo: Scenes from the Streets of Jaisalmer (the Golden City), Jaisalmer, India. Taken with a Nikon DSLR 5300 by Pamela





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