I am taking a break today. I need it and I am fairly certain the pets need me to take one. I haven’t spent much time with them lately with preparation for the move and with all the people coming and going and the removal of items from their space they are a tad disconcerted. I want them to stay as calm as possible because their flights back home are going to be more traumatic than mine.

I have relaxing Sleep Music playing on You Tube for them and as they are sleeping I am taking an opportunity to Blog. I wish that I could say that I have handled this recent roller coaster ride with dignity but I can’t. I have lost sleep, lost my temper, and had a few panic attacks too (lost my calm). I can’t say for sure what brought the panic attacks on…my first thought was letting go of long held “stuff” sent me into a tail-spin but I am not so sure. It is after all “stuff” and I either wasn’t using it, won’t need it back home; heck, some of it had even been shoved to the back of a closet and I had forgotten about it until I started going through things. None of the items were particularly loved or cherished.

The big ordeal, I suspect, revolves around the fact that I felt I had no control over the situation at hand. I guess that means I need continued work on my “control freak” tendencies and here I thought I had gotten things under control the past few years. I guess there is nothing like a little chaos to step in and give you a humbling reality check. I have regained my composure (for now) and I realize that I do feel better with all that “stuff” gone. I don’t have to worry about it. It is no longer taking up space in my home or mind.

I could part with some more of it but at this point I am too exhausted to do so and I think it best I just relax with the pets. We have the next round of vet and grooming appointments coming up and then they will head off to the Kennel and Airport and we will go to a hotel and catch our flight. I will try to post once more before we leave and then hopefully I can get us all back on track once things are settled. Thank you for your patience during this ordeal and I will get us back on topic once we are settled.

Post Script:

Just for clarification purposes because there has been some confusion on the Stara Planina FB page and frantic messages have ensued…

The Retreat never was, never has been and never will be in India. It is in Bulgaria and no we are not selling it.

We are still planning on opening this year but it will be later than we expected due to the move (which wasn’t expected) and the fact that over the winter the water shut off valve failed during the last cold snap and pipes burst (also not expected), there was some damage to the house and we are waiting for the utility company to fix or replace the valve (other people had the same problem and so it will take some time for them to get to us).

Susie took a job here in India 4 years ago for an indefinite period of time, her contract is up and we are simply moving on to the next phase of our life (the Retreat). We are not British or EU citizens, she is Canadian and I am American, we therefore, need a long stay Visa for Bulgaria (which we are working on) but until we have it we only get 90 days, which is why the retreat is temporarily a part time thing. There was a very recent change to the Visa requirement criteria (found this out a couple of weeks ago) and so we are having to revamp a few things and hopefully no more changes happen and we will be good to go by this time next year. I am so freaking envious of the EU and UK citizens and wishing that my ancestors hadn’t immigrated.

In the meantime…with our upcoming move back from whence we came and long stay Bulgarian Visa up in the air, I will be doing a similar retreat at my home in the U.S. (once I have gotten myself and the pets settled). It might even turn out that I do a Bulgarian retreat in the Summer/Autumn and an American retreat in the Winter/Spring considering the current state of the world. I live in the South so winters are mild. It isn’t ideal, but hey, I do get a bit antsy if I am in one place for too long. It is one, out of many reasons, I love Europe. Short flight and I am in another country.

Life has a funny way of not going quite as planned, and so we either adapt and thrive or wither and fail, I am choosing to adapt and thrive (even though I am not always thrilled about the adaptations).

Anyway…I hope that clears up the confusion.


Photo: The Mustard Field. Rajasthan, India. Taken by Pamela with Nikon DSLR 5300.


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