Settled In…

somewhat…in our new home. The pets made it safe and sound. Utilities are connected and now so am I. The necessities are purchased and some non-essentials too (although I have been trying very hard not to make unnecessary purchases a few have slipped in).

For a country to country move it went rather painlessly there were and probably still will be a few hiccups but I can’t really complain. Hiccup number one was the pets. The cats arrived in different crates than we had purchased and I wasn’t thrilled about that. We purchased, per Airline agreement, 3 adequate sized crates but in India things happen and luckily our less than 10 pound cats arrived despite the fact that they had been moved into crates for a 45-60 pound dog. I now have to repurchase crates for them because the crates that had been switched in not only are entirely too large they are in really bad shape.

All pets are happy and healthy but the cats are freezing and so we had to purchase the last of the small dog sweaters at the pet shop. Our dogs are thrilled to have their own yard and it has been impossible to keep Lily in. Sheba, being 11 years old and taking longer to recover from jet lag, is not as adamant about being out and that is giving Lily a chance to make friends with all the birds and one very precocious squirrel.

Hiccup number two: Our items that we are having shipped here from our Mumbai flat wont arrive until the end of July instead of the beginning of June which messes up our timeline for other pursuits…again. Bribery price negotiation hints were missed by the non-Indian faction dealing with our shipment. Bribe is now paid and our items are on the way…hopefully.

Hiccup number three: Construction. I just can’t seem to escape it. We moved into a much smaller place than our Mumbai flat (which was unnecessarily huge) and so it is taking some time for us to adjust. Pets are looking for their spots and I am trying to find mine and all of us are in the way of the other. All I can say is thank god for that huge yard. We are also putting in a catio (cat patio) a screened in place that allows the cats to enjoy the outside without running off and getting snatched up by coyotes.

We also had some minor things done to make our new home a bit more comfortable and a major item that gives me peace of mind; a storm shelter. It is a bit of an eyesore but living in a State that frequently gets hit by Tornados that shelter is a god send and we have already had to use it.

I will get us back on track…soon. I thank all of you for your patience during my absence.

Photo: Busy as a Bee. Taken by Pamela with a Nikon DSLR5300, zoom lens used

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