The Curve Ball Conundrum…

Why is it when you are trying to get back to things that need to be done (in this case blogging) Life decides it is going to throw you a curve ball? This has been my conundrum since my last post. I felt great about the prospect of things slowing down, we were all settling in after our continent to continent move, construction was winding down, Sus was back home and I was actually finding time to blog again. I had published a post and had two drafts in the tank…and SPLAT! I got hit with that pesky curve ball.

So, as most of you may have read, we moved with pets, two lovely rescue dogs that we had adopted here in America (11 and 7 years ago) and they had made the move to India and returned with us recently. While in India we rescued three kittens during three out of the four Monsoon seasons we experienced. Those kittens are now cats ranging in age from 3 1/2 years to 1 1/2 years. The Cats are great; healthy and I am assuming happy. Their biggest complaints are colder temperatures, a smaller living space and their toys just don’t react the same on carpet as they do marble floors. Food, however has greatly improved; more variety and for two of them that trumps everything.

…and brings us back to the dogs…

We recently took them in for their vet check and a thorough exam of everything. Lily, our 7 year old Chow-Chow mix, is in decent health. She has arthritic knees but she has had them for awhile and the muggy Mumbai weather did nothing to help the stiffness but we are in dryer climes and I am sure she will be fine with some type of joint remedy. Sheba, our 11 year old Chow-Australian Shepard mix, didn’t age as gracefully. We had noticed some issues while in India. There are some things that vets there don’t actually do, doggy dental care is one of those. Sheba had developed a bad case of gum disease and her teeth are horrible and she has quite a bit of jaw pain. She also has arthritis.

The big thing we noticed about Sheba while in India, especially this past year, she was losing weight, frequently sick, drank quite excessively and was lethargic. The vets in India told us it was tick fever. Our vet here ran a blood panel and it was Diabetes. She now has to have insulin shots twice a day and a special diet. She isn’t thrilled about either. Also discovered during the vet visit and related to the diabetes, Sheba has impaired vision; the poor thing is going blind. It has been a time consuming ordeal for both of us.

I should also mention…

that while at said vet check appointment we procured a kitten (now at eight weeks of age). In my defense I would like to say that Sheba’s blood test results were not in yet. I had just assumed her issues were age related. She is a geriatric dog after all and upon her demise I do not want the time consuming job of puppy training a playmate for Lily, especially since Lily thinks she is a cat. That kitten, although loved by Lily, and tolerated by Sheba has been met with suspicion and repulsion by our adult cats. Enter two more kittens about the same age. Nicholas Von Cheddar now has two playmates in Dante and Edward DiLuna. Luckily, for me, cats are independent and come in fully housetrained regardless of age.


Photo: Nicholas Von Cheddar

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