Ebb and Flow…


We are approaching the end of a month and a season not to mention a time where, personally, I notice the light change and for whatever reason that triggers bipolar episodes. The fact that I am aware of this causes some apprehension and I admit that I become a bit hyper vigilant over the years.

The past several months have been full of change and I have had a difficult time keeping up and so I took some time for me. I started seeing a therapist again, I said goodbye to Sus as she moved on to a new job and a new country, we said goodbye to a beloved family pet. Our lovely Sheba, that we rescued as an 8 week old matted, muddy adorable puppy, finally said goodbye and crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 12. It has been hard for all of us and we are still grieving.

The day after Sheba passed away our household shipment arrived from India and sadly I am still trying to find a place for all of it. I donated at least five boxes of stuff and the rest is sitting in our barn until I can figure out if it is usable or if I am just wanting to purge because I have been in a funk. Time will tell.

Anyway, with all the changes and the recent stint with therapy I am in the process of re-evaluating my life…again. I am uncomfortable with all of it at the moment and that is okay. I am not going to push through it, run from it or pretend it isn’t happening. I will let it happen and hope for the best.


Featured Image: Sheba

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