Tired on Tuesday…


tired because unruly kittens are running amok at night. The kittens were roughly 6-8 weeks old when we got them and very tiny. To keep them safe at night and while I was away from the house, and also to keep Sheba from being bothered since she wasn’t feeling well, I devised a crate system using two large dog crates (the collapsible wire kind), ferret hammocks, cat bed, litter box and food/water bowls; they had their own kitten condo. I should have moved them out of it awhile ago but after Sheba passed away Lily was out of sorts and quite cranky with everyone so I kept the crate system but only for night time use. They are much too big for that now and I took it all down Sunday. Sunday night was quiet, I think they were in shock and just didn’t quite know what to do with themselves. Monday night was a completely different story. I don’t think anyone slept. Everyone is sleeping right now…except me and a nap is really sounding great at this point. Fingers crossed that they are quiet tonight.

I thought with the cat antics that I would share a photo of Neronia. Neronia, is a cat that Sus and I sponsor at the Associazione Culturale Colonia Felina Torre Argentina in Rome. We have sponsored several cats from there over the years.

If you are in Rome and you are at this place:


then head to the far corner and look for this sign:


head down the little stairway next to this sign because you have found the Cats of Torre Argentina.

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