Feeling Better…

after the hissy fit I had a week or two ago. My apologies for all the tirades. I am human and sometimes life gets to me and I don’t cope very well; being fellow humans I am sure you can all relate. I think I am over the hump and things should improve. There is a routine in place, the fur kids are settling down and are actually enjoying life here. Lily seems to be working through her grieving process, she is eating on a regular basis and gaining weight, her mood has also improved. She isn’t looking for Sheba as much.

I have been consistently Blogging and I am even squeezing in an hour everyday to be creative, which makes me feel good and is helping me to sort out solutions to my everyday little life problems. I am talking to my brother every Saturday but sadly neither one of us has had any contact with our sister (her choice not ours…although we aren’t really complaining since there is a blissful lack of drama to accompany the distance).

We have a new addition to the little wood creatures that are around here…a Roadrunner. Sus has named him Bob. He stalked me from the mailbox to the house; caught a cicada and took off into the woods. I am going to try to get pictures…



Photo: Into the Wood. Taken by Pamela with her trusty Nikon 5300. August 2018.

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