I love storms…usually. Today, not so much! Monday (yesterday), Sus left to go back to work, Lily had a grooming appointment and it was a minor holiday. We got up, got everyone ready for the day, said our goodbyes and went our different ways. Traffic was light and temperatures were cooler and going to stay that way thanks to some nice cloudy weather. I figured that it would be a quick grooming appointment and I would still be able to get back in time to do everything I needed to do. That didn’t happen. Lily wasn’t necessarily bad, just lost without Sheba and it took forever. Luckily the ladies doing the grooming had more patience with her than I did. Five hours later and she was finally done, however not perfectly groomed but I think everyone had enough. We drove home and traffic was horrible, Lily was crying and it started raining. It stopped long enough for me to get Lily out of the car and into the house and the flood gates opened…again. It rained all night with periods of thunder and lightening that had everyone in my room freaking out and making sleep difficult. So, today, I still have yesterdays chores to get done, no one is going outside, everyone is tired and snippy (including the hummingbirds whose feeder needs filled) and I would like to go back to bed and wake up to find happy fur kids and a house cleaned by house elves and garden fairies.

Photo: After the Rain #3. Lovech, Bulgaria October 2014. Taken by Pamela with Nikon 5300

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