WIP Wednesday…

WIP stands for Work In Progress and is a term commonly used by knit/crochet enthusiast and thanks to my grandmothers/great-grandmothers I can do both.  I admit that in my youth I lacked patience and some where along the line I lost interest. I dabbled here and there making the odd scarf or slippers. I even made several heirloom receiving blankets and matching baby booties with irish crochet motifs but it was never something that I was dedicated to…there was always something else I could be doing.

I picked both back up during my recovery phase after my Bipolar diagnosis. This was for multiple reasons a). I was having hand tremors and it was suggested that I find something to do that would help allieviate that. b). I had lots of time on my hands and not much that I was allowed to do. c). I had my identity rocked to it’s core and I was trying to rebuild me. Who was I? What did I like or not like? What was important to me? What did I want out of life? Etc,. Like most people I started with what I already knew.

It turns out that making things helped me navigate a myriad of Bipolar Brain situations…it also helped me with patience. I had to be patient with myself; trying to knit with hand tremors is frustrating after all. Not giving up after frogging* (another knitting term) out my WIP for the billionth time showed me I had determination.

*Frogging is where you find you have made a mistake and have to undo all the work you have done, roll all that yarn back into a ball and start over…again. I think my grandmothers (great or otherwise) called it ripping. Rip It! Rip It! sounds like a frog’s ribbit-ribbit hence the newer term of frogging…less destructive sounding and fun.

A couple of weeks ago I made a statement that I never create anymore and that isn’t exactly true. My Life is my greatest creation. It is also a WIP and sometimes I hit a point where I just have to frog it out and start again and that’s okay because that is how life is supposed to be. We are all striving to be the best version of our self that we can be and it is going to take us literally our entire life to master…and possibly more.

With that said…

one of the things that I have learned along the way is that we all have a foundation to build upon. Know your foundation and strengthen it and life gets a bit easier…the rest is just decoration that makes things more interesting and fun and keeps you moving. Movement is growth. Part of my foundation is structure/routine and since the move I have been struggling with catching my footing but I think I am getting there and I am ready to stop mindlessly blogging to meet my daily post quota and give this baby a format.

I will be fine tuning the format as we go along but the general layout will be as follows:

Monday Mosaic: A series of pictures, past or present, possibly with a story (short) that matches the pictorial theme. Monday is always a struggle. Everyone is heading back to work/school, possibly recovering from weekend fun. Monday is Manic. So I will keep it light and fluffy.

Tuesday Tarot: the Tarot posts went over really well and since we only covered the major arcana and I did promise to do the minor as well, I figured we would make Tuesday the day to resume that series.

WIP Wednesday: Any work in progress, whether personal/self, creative, home, Stara Planina Center, etc., There are lessons/solutions in the creative chaos.

Book Nook Thursday: I love to read and sadly much like my creative habits, it has become intermittent at best. I seem to only read when I am travelling and only on the plane or in the airport. I used to finish a book every two days and now…well…I have been reading the same book for the past three years. It is time for that to change. I miss reading.

Free Day Friday: Pretty self explanatory. I thought I would try out different topics or subject matter and see what catches on…fodder for future use.

I have been stumped with Saturday and Sunday. It is the weekend and most people aren’t regularly reading…so…I might keep it light and fluffy or I might go all out and do a series and ya’ll can catch up at your leisure. I will keep you posted on what I decide to do with the weekend.


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