The Thursday Book Nook…

is open and I have to admit that when I came up with a structured daily format I didn’t think it completely through which means I have a few books that have been begging to be read but I hadn’t as yet cracked a spine until last night…Oops! I made it through three chapters (plus Introduction, Foreword and Preface) before I caught myself reading the same sentence over and over…and….over. Fatigue had set in time to stop. I had a difficult time choosing a book. My reading choices of late, have been along the dry, scientifically academic vein and I won’t subject you to that. I also forgot that in my haste to “minimalize” my life pre-move I gave away most of my books limiting what I had to choose from.


I chose a book that I picked up in India; A Hermit In The Himalayas by Paul Brunton, (I am going to skip the MLA “book report” format because I want this to be as informal as possible). Technically this book is philosophical but with a twist…part travel narrative and part spiritual epiphany all tied together with painted word pictures that reminded me of James Fenimore Cooper ( American Writer; Last of the Mohicans).

I have to admit that it took me a few pages to start enjoying it and this had more to do with my recent aversion to all things “India” more than the author’s story or how it is written. I, however, got sucked in with his description of the panoramic vistas unfolding as he climbed higher and higher ‘astride a sturdy ash-grey mountain pony,’ until the vista took on a surreal other world quality by moonlight. I had to periodically remind myself that this book was first published in 1937. Paul often talks about the Overself and other spiritual/metaphysical ideas that are commonly associated with our more recent millennial shift/contemporary world.

Over 80 years has passed since Paul Brunton journeyed through the Himalayan ranges and his interactions with the locals mirrored mine over the last four years. Some things, it seems, never change like trying to forestall the demands of baksheesh (it is sort of like a gratuity but rather than it having a capped limit it is based on what they think they can harangue or guilt-trip you into giving). I am looking forward to reading the book in it’s entirety and I hope that it doesn’t change to much. I enjoyed getting lost in his descriptions of faraway wild landscapes. 3 Chapters in and 15 to go…

I promise to have more read by next Thursday so I can do this book justice and hopefully find some wonderful little gems to share with all of you.


Book Info: A Hermit In The Himalayas By Paul Brunton

ISBN 9781844130429

my edition was published in 2003 (first publication was in 1937)

Rider Books, an imprint of Ebury Publishing, a Random House Group company


Photo: Peaking Above the Clouds. Camera phone (apologies for the grainy quality). I am going to assume; given the photo queue I found this photo in, that this is part of the Himalayan Range peaking above the clouds and taken from a flight to Northern India but I could be wrong…old camera and it pre-dates my journal keeping and photologue system.



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