and Sunday have me stumped. Not sure what I am going to do with these two days so I am going to play with them, try different things out and see what takes wing….I might just post on one day or the other because we all need a day off.

The subject of the day will go along with Paul Brunton’s book Hermit in the Himalayas. He mentioned the Overself (he also has a book titled the same) which I think we most commonly know today as the Oversoul.

What is the Overself/Oversoul? I took a look in the Oxford Dictionary…and Webster’s College Dictionary.


Overself: noun; origin 19th century

  1. The finer, stronger, or more assertive part of a person’s nature.
  2. A supreme spiritual being; (Hinduism) the Supreme Spirit, with which yogis try to unite their selves through meditation, etc.


Oversoul: noun

the universal mind or spirit that animates, motivates, and is the unifying principle of all living things: a concept in the transcendentalist philosophy of Emerson and others


In a nut shell its the universal divine essence that connects all things or as my grandma Martha would say, “it’s the glue that binds us all together.” It is also one of those concepts, like Karma, soul mates, Oneness, etc., that people have a tendency to muddy and not really understand and for good reason.

Actually, several reasons…

1). We are conditioned to perceive ourselves as separate from other beings, including God. (Us versus Them).

2). We resist when met with concepts that induce cognitive dissonance, that resistance may arise in the form of blame, oversimplification of concepts, flat out denial, or an urge to rationally make sense of something that is intangible and then is dismissed as farce when we can’t rationally explain it; all followed by a brush off or argument. (We personally feel that our belief system is being attacked and may attack back).

3). Those in power, wanting to stay in power, make us believe that there are secrets that we can not know unless we sacrifice financially, physically, mentally, or personally (God loves a cheerful giver so give Him all you got) and go through a teacher, mediator, priest, guru, etc.,. (It is why we are prone to 1 and 2…btw).

4). We are not playing on a level field. We are not all at the same level of understanding and therefore spiritual growth…and guess what…there is absolutely nothing wrong with that (today’s students are tomorrow’s teachers). You will understand what it is that you know; when you are to understand it and not a moment before. (Hindsight is always 20/20).

What the heck does that mean? It means that you already have the knowledge, you are just waiting until it is time to remember it. When that time comes; you will remember.


brings us back to the Overself/Oversoul, that benevolently divine, universal force pulling the strings…filtering and connecting who, what and when we get the person, place or thing that will prompt a memory recall. Be patient, trust yourself (which includes the Overself/Oversoul or to turn a contemporary coin of phrase; Let Go and Let God).


To be cont’d….


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