Monday Mosaic…Watery World

The rain has ceased but we are still blanketed with clouds and cooler temperatures. I wasn’t able to run errands on Friday so I did it this morning after some excitement. I got up as usual but a bit groggier than normal (thanks to a 4 a.m. kitten wake up call…they are doing better but…things will happen). I let Lily out and made my coffee; was about 3 gulps in when the older cats ran to the window…and loudly started cat chatting. I got up to see what was going on and there is a black kitten outside. I panicked. Is it Dante? Did I forget to latch the porch door? I slowly made it outside and called Dante and the poor thing just froze and then bolted towards the backyard and Lily. Lily cried, it hissed and ran into the woods. I went back inside to grab the cat treats and tempt it back in and there sits all 6 cats. Panic subsides, obviously not one of ours, I let Lily in and she quickly sniffs everyone (quite pleased that I was able to get everyone back in…I will just let her think that). I put some kitten food out for the poor thing. The older cats are still watching out the windows, the kittens are oblivious that another kitten exists outside of the house and Lily is content because her pack is all accounted for.

Our Monday Mosaic is inspired by all the rain we have had lately…it reminds me of Monsoon season in India, that pre-season were it cools down, the skies are always gray and you have daily rain showers they just don’t last all day and night…yet. I loved the beginning of Monsoon season but by the end I was just tired of everything being wet, flooded and a muddy mess but the beginning is glorious, it washes away all the dirt and grime, the trees and grass green up, the blissful reprieve from the oppressive heat and chai gets a bit sweeter and has more cardamom and clove in it and comes with samosa (monsoon special).


Goa Pre-Monsoon



Mumbai (Bandra and Powai) Pre-Monsoon


Photos taken by Pamela

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