I have been missing in action for a bit and for that I apologize. I had an offer I couldn’t refuse and some last minute running amok to make sure pets were taken care of in my absence…and…time got away from me; I was simply unable to let you all know before I headed out. I was also in a no phone, no tech zone.

So, here is what happened:

I have a wonderful friend and beloved mentor who has been doing spiritual events and retreats since…well probably before I was born…and for the past few years she has been talking about retiring (I, of course, hoping that she never would). I guess she felt that now was the time and so she opened up the doors, sent out the invites and I went expecting to meet up with old friends, make some new and join the fun and festivities to usher a wise woman into her well deserved retirement. It turned out to be more than just a retirement party, it was in actuality the last of her retreats. I went, I thought, to be one of many guest and ended up teaching. It turned out that she has had a handful of her former students play with the idea of choosing a path but due to some fears and hang-ups needed a good push…a last lesson of sorts.

After my initial embarrassment of being one of those students, I have to admit that it is just what I needed. A big ol’ push to get back on track. She is absolutely correct that I have been holding myself back. I was afraid that I didn’t know enough to stand on my own two feet. It turns out that I have more crammed into that little noggin of mine than I thought. I can do it. Heck…I did do it (without a safety net) and it felt wonderful. Invigorating. Hopefully, one day in the future, I am as wise as my mentor and can give people a push when they need it.

I got back home and Sus and I went to the last day of the Spirit Fair, which was a fun little end to an exciting, whirlwind week, I took a couple of days to recover and see Sus off (back to work) and I am ready to get back at it too. I know that my new format has us doing the Book Nook tomorrow but we are going to do Tarot instead because I haven’t read. I left off somewhere around chapter 5 or 6 with the little hermit sitting under a large leaning Deodar tree on the side of some Himalayan slope meditating on the benefits of a natural oasis. I might even postpone the Book Nook Thursdays indefinitely because as much as I used to love reading it seems to be the one thing I haven’t been able to make time for.  See you tomorrow. We will be starting the Minor Arcana or Suit Cards overview.


Photo: Taken by Me. Blue Butterfly at the 2.5 acre wood. Nikon 5300


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