The Shift?

Did we actually have a Shift and what was it…exactly? Despite all the hoopla that happened around 2012 about a Shift, it seems many spiritual seekers feel nothing happened (or something happened but went horribly wrong) and are a bit disenchanted. Here is the problem…we as humans have a tendency to want things to have a larger than life impact and sometimes these expectations mean the simple truth can sometimes get lost in the light and sound show of life.

So…Did the Shift happen?


Then what the heck was it?

The Shift was a change in consciousness and not everyone went through it. You may have heard talk in holistic or metaphysical circles about ascension. Symptoms, crystals to aid you through the process or meditation chants/poses to induce it, how to recognize if you are going through it…in short there was much talk about it. It is a bit like Karma, everyone has heard of it but not many people understand it. The same thing happened with the Shift. Lots of talking not a lot of understanding…or teaching for that matter.

That shift in consciousness is a paradigm changer…or, if you like, a paradigm shift.

A paradigm shift (radical theory change) is a concept identified by the American physicist and philosopher Thomas Kuhn (1922-1996), its a fundamental change in the basic concepts and experimental practices of a scientific discipline….wikipedia

Although, Kuhn was a scientist, his “radical theory change” can apply to social, religious/spiritual and or even political/financial arenas. A paradigm is, simply put, a model or pattern that has become accepted as normal over time. We have fully shifted from one consciousness mode to another. Examples of this: We have completely shifted from an outdated Old Testament construct to a New Testament construct; in layman’s terms we are, as a whole, moving away from the “eye for an eye” (revenge) model to a “golden rule” (love thy neighbor/unity) model; aka the Christed or Buddhic Consciousness.

We are moving away from divided mentalities, the ‘us vs them’ and towards the ‘we.’ There is no longer a need to separate in order to survive but a questioning of what skills do I possess to ‘help the tribe thrive’ (there isn’t enough so I must collect and hoard (miser mentality) to…there is more than enough and I can freely share (abundance mentality)).

Here is where people are getting stuck and eventually dismayed…not everyone went through this shift in Consciousness. Earth is a learning arena. It is this wonderful zone of duality illusions and time and space inclusions and literally nothing is as it is perceived; it is set up this way so we can learn and grow…and essentially expand consciousness and awareness (of us as well as universally…all the way back to Source). From, roughly year 2012, the majority of incoming souls have the new consciousness paradigm (we have reached critical mass). Most just aren’t old enough to have an impact on how the world operates…yet.

So, why is the world still so messed up and things seem to be getting worse? In a nut shell, change is never easy and we still have several souls on this planet that are totally old paradigm mindset, they are screaming because the world as they know it is going to hell in a proverbial handbasket. At least that is their interpretation. The tide has turned and although it may sometimes seem that we are going backward we really aren’t. We are simply being shown areas that still need some love and light, understanding and wisdom and more times than not…some continued self-work (skills that will help the tribe survive).


Photo: Mirrored World. Sante Fe, New Mexico. taken with mobile camera, edited with mirror app by me. 2011


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