things that made me giggle mosaic…

Monkey Business…

DSC_0601 (1)

Shimla, India. I loved the monkeys of Shimla. I was on one of my daily walks when I came across this scene. I took several shots and realized that taking video might have been a better option. This cute little monkey sat on his bench watching people pass by and then suddenly leapt off the bench ran into the crowd, grabbed something and ran behind the guy with the phone…

DSC_0606 (1)

one of the shop keepers told me that he does this everyday, watches the crowd until a person with ice cream walks by, he then leaps out, grabs it and runs behind the bench and eats it. If it isn’t a flavor he likes he throws it back at the person he took it from.


More Monkey Business….

DSC_1066 (2)

Rajasthan, India. We took several train tours while in Rajasthan and there is always a little kiosk selling snacks; there is a reason for that and it has nothing to do with there not being food served on the train and has everything to do with Monkeys! Want to see one or more up close and personal then buy a pack of Marie Biscuits or fruit/ veg but they prefer the cookies. They aren’t shy and they are also quite quick and they will grab the whole pack away from you if you aren’t attentive.


A Day at the Beach…


Goa, India. Cows on the beaches of Goa are a common site but it always makes me giggle to see them walking up and down as if they too are on vacation. I couldn’t help myself and I had to take a picture of someone taking a picture of the beach cows. The beaches are full of shack dogs too and when they aren’t guarding their designated shack they are frolicking in the surf.



On Patrol…


photo 1 was taken in New Delhi, India and photo 2 was taken in Udaipur, India.

Monkey sitting outside security checkpoint booth and two pigeons on look out on board a patrol boat. Yes, while other people where taking pictures of palaces, government buildings and monuments this is what caught my eye.

…and because every hardworking security deserves a break…


go ahead and grab a bite to eat and rest a bit before you get back to work (photo 3 taken in Udaipur, India and photo 4 in Bandra, Greater Mumbai, India).


When in Rome…

DSC_0672 (2)

I just found this funny on multiple levels but I am weird that way…


and that concludes our Monday Mosaic….



Cat Photos:

Featured (top) our cat Sophie giving us her best “I am not amused look,” and one of the fosters we had in Mumbai, his name is Lucca, trying on a pair of my reading glasses.

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