Tuesday Tarot…The Court of Cups

We are going to start this show with the Minor Arcana Court Cards and our first suit is that of the Cups. Now, Just like every other card in the Major and Minor Arcana they each have a number and an element associated with it. We already took a quick look at the Element of the Cups last week, which is water.

Water is the element that represents emotions. I like to remember this by picturing feelings as a liquid and pouring those feelings into and out of the cups. Sometimes those feelings are crystal clear and easily poured like water, sometimes they are light and effervescent like carbonated seltzer and sometimes they are thick, and dark like molten chocolate. Sometimes we feel like we can’t get enough and sometimes we find that we have already had too much and perhaps to soon.

The Page of Cups

DSC_0026 (2)

 From the Christopher Butler Healing Light Tarot Deck

Our Page is a reflection of the Major Arcana Fool and as such deals with new beginnings, messages and innocence the twist to the reflection is it is limited to our relationships (with self and others) thanks to that lovely water element. It is often, therefore, believed that the Cups deal with romantic relationships and that is not true. At least not entirely. Romance is just one possible aspect. The Cups also deal with creativity.

What you need to remember about this card: It is time for a beginning, whether it be, emotional, such as a relationship or Creative, such as attending drama, art, music or creative writing classes/events. It is a synchronistic time to be open to pursuing or renewing your emotional or creative self. Ask yourself: What stirs my soul? What am I passionate about or whom?

Remember to pay attention to the messages you are being sent from the universe. New beginnings and messages often walk hand in hand. Follow your bliss. Potential is present.


Knight of Cups

DSC_0029 (2)

from the Christopher Butler Healing Light Tarot Deck

Our Knight of Cups deals with intensity (careful it doesn’t shift into obsession). Knights, are cards of Balance and in this case you are being asked to balance out intense passion. This can be in a romantic relationship or it can be in regards to a strong artistic talent. 

What you need to remember about this card: It follows the exuberance of the Pages new endeavor (even if that card isn’t at play in your reading) and you have been riding high for awhile on that exuberance. The knight is asking you to ‘check yourself before you wreck yourself.’

It is one thing to be intensely passionate about someone or something but it is a different beast altogether when you become so obsessed that you have slipped into Stalker mode. Plus, let’s be honest when you reach that level, you are so consumed that you kind of check out of this world and if you want this to continue to move forward then you need to reign it in before you destroy it. Ask yourself: Am I becoming to obsessed with this person or talent to the point where I have lost touch with the real world? Am I neglecting other aspects of my life or relationships?

Remember to ‘follow your bliss’ but be mindful that to obtain your goal you still have to take action in the real world.

The Queen of Cups

DSC_0031 (2)

from the Christopher Butler Healing Light Tarot Deck

The Queen of Cups is an Emotional/Creative reflection of the Major Arcana card, The Empress. This means that in a reading she is either going to represent you or another person that exudes certain qualities and in this case those qualities are sensitivity at an empathic level, psychic abilities and a strong creative talent. They may be quite at ease with nature and animals. I will refrain from using gender, in the past this card represents a woman but in our modern world, gender is becoming ever more fluid.

What you need to remember about this card: It is giving you advice. It is safe for you to trust your intuition. You can be a beacon of love, light, and security for others…so show some compassion. Use your creativity as a means of self-expression. Ask: Do I feel safe moving forward in this relationship? Do I feel safe sharing my creative gifts with others? Have I been closing myself off because I don’t trust myself or my intuition? Am I stuck because I feel I am not capable of taking the next step to achieve my goals? Are other people asking to much of me right now? Have I slipped into the role of caregiver and lost my passion?

Remember to ‘follow your bliss’ but don’t forget to maintain healthy boundaries.

The King of Cups

DSC_0032 (2)

from the Christopher Butler Healing Light Tarot Deck

The King of Cups is the emotional/ creative reflection of the Major Arcana Card, The Emperor. Like the Queen, the King is either going to represent an aspect of you or represent someone in your life that exudes the qualities of the King of Cups. Those qualities are emotional generosity; passion for life yet maintains his emotional balance.  Again, in the past this card has traditionally been represented as a male in the querents life but in our modern age…

What to remember about this card: this card symbolizes Success. It is a completion card, you worked hard, kept your cool and didn’t let your emotions run away with you, in fact you learned to trust them and yourself. This is also a serious card because with success and accomplishment comes commitment and obligation. Ask yourself: What is the next step? How do I feel about my accomplishment? How can I keep things fresh and exciting?

Remember you may have ‘followed your bliss’ but now you need to responsibly maintain it.


featured photo compliments of WordPress free photo library. Thanks!

Court of Cups photos are from the Christopher Butler Healing Light Tarot Deck. It is the latest deck that I have purchased and I think the cards in this deck are absolutely beautiful. I will feature a different deck each Tuesday.


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