W.I.P. Wednesday…Sacred Spaces


I woke up this morning to rain, at this point I feel we have had quite enough, but it came with a cold front making it 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12.78 degrees Celsius). I lit some candles and started the electric faux fireplace and the kittens (now 6 months old) are feeling frisky, our Mumbai cats are freezing and within close proximity to the heat source. Lily is curled up on her bed trying to stay out of the kitten run zone and I am contemplating a cup of hot tea.

I fully intended to do a knitting ‘work in progress’ post today but with kittens running amok and the fact that pictures of my work are on a camera which at this point has no juice…forgot to charge the batteries (oops), it just isn’t a viable option at this point. Fortunately, W.I.P. has several connotations and we are going to explore one. Since the move back to the States I have been attempting to get things situated in my small home. One of the things that I have wanted to set up is a Sacred Space.

This Sacred Space is simply a spot for me to retreat to and do my thing whatever that ‘thing’ may be and it does change. I have always had a spot, sometimes it was a little nook and sometimes an entire room. As a young adult I once tried to make my entire apartment into a sacred space but found that it lost its specialness. The purpose of this space is to be an oasis of solitude where you can go and close out the everyday hustle and bustle in the world and connect to something bigger than yourself. Source, God, the Universe…whatever you want to call it. Keeping it simple is often best and why it has become a work in progress (w.i.p.) for me.

I have been wanting to transition into a much simpler way of life and that includes living in a tiny house. I am not quite there but I am living in a space that is under 1000sq feet (small but not yet tiny), which means space is limited. I am at a point where I am figuring out what I actually need and what is important to me and with that comes the fact that some spaces need to do double duty. I have been struggling with this since the purpose of my sacred oasis and a much needed work spot doesn’t seem to naturally go hand in hand.

So, what have I figured out? Well, I like the feel of one room in the house more than all the others (which isn’t saying much since there are only 4 rooms). One of those rooms was an addition and that is the room I find myself gravitating towards. It is open, has exceptional light and a wonderful view of the north facing yard and woods. It was originally intended for dining/work but I think it may just be my Sacred Space place as well…

My work, after all, is conducive to reaching that Zen Brain state. It just might work…guess we will have to wait and see….


Photo: From Pexel free photo library. Thank you Pexel!




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