Tuesday Tarot…The Court of Swords


Swords are associated with the element of Air. Air represents The Mind (our mind) and therefore deals with our intellect and spirituality. Swords as a whole are a suit that most people hate to see when they show up in a reading, probably because they give short, sharp answers that can leave you feeling emotionally eviscerated. I like to think of this suit as being the ‘tough love’ suit. You have already had the placating, often sugary, softened warnings to get it together and you deluded yourself into thinking that you have time, or someone will rescue you from the situation, or that it just isn’t that bad…well, guess what? You no longer have time to waste with soft nudges, so the suit of swords is going to cut through all the crap and just lay out the facts. So, pay attention because they are going to help you see the attitudes and spiritual insights that are holding you back from obtaining your goals. The swords give you sensible and impartial advice whether you want to hear it or not.

The Page of Swords:

DSC_0314 (2)

Picture of the Knave (Page) of Swords from the Tarot of Pagan Cats Deck from Magdelina Messina and Lola Airaghi

Just to recap all the Pages are a reflection of the Major Arcana Fool, and the Fool represents you, starting out on this journey we call life, so there is childlike innocence to all of the pages. The Page in all suits therefore represent a beginning of an aspect in your life. What aspect has potential, is dictated by the suit and the element represented.

The Page of Swords therefore is asking you to rebel against your ideas/ beliefs that are keeping you mentally and spiritually stuck. How do you know if you are stuck, well, you probably feel mentally restless/energetic and people might be remarking on how talkative you are (all talk, no action).

Since the suit of swords is partnered with the element of air and represents the mind (intellect) it might be a great time to go back to school, learn a new language, or teach someone else a skill that you have already mastered. If you are honest with yourself, you realize that those thoughts about returning to learning or teaching others has been flitting around in your mind for awhile and you have been talking yourself out of it. Ask yourself why? That, is what the Suit of Swords wants you to do. Why are you holding yourself back? What is it you fear? Who is telling you that your ideas are not worthwhile and for God’s sake;…WHY are you listening to them????

The Suit of Swords wants you to be brutally honest with yourself and overcome the challenges that are holding you back. So, asses the situation, rise to the challenge, speak your mind, take that class, learn something new, or teach someone something that you know. Do so with integrity, and start creating the life you know you are supposed to live, let other people’s expectations stay with them, they can have their opinions but it is your life and only you can lead it.

What to remember about this card: You have been restless and a bit of a Chatty Kathy, it is time to take action…it is time to walk the talk. Do not let other people harsh on your little Page’s buzz. Go out and learn, teach…grow intellectually and spiritually.


Knight of Swords:

DSC_0312 (2)

Knight of Swords from the Tarot of Pagan Cats deck by Magdelina Messina and Lola Airaghi

Just to recap on the Knights of all suits. The knights represent a balancing of passion and they are a reflection of the Major Arcana cards of Temperance, the High Priestess, The Lovers, Judgement and/or the Devil. They are the cards that ask you to make a choice or find the Balance in life’s passions.

The Page of Swords asked you to Rebel against the beliefs/ideas that were keeping you intellectually/spiritually stuck and the Knight of Swords is telling you it is time to cut those dead ideas/beliefs out of your life. The Knight of Swords is a passionate seeker of Change and as with all Knights there is a warning to maintain a balance; for an imbalanced Knight with an unstoppable force for change runs the risk of becoming an aggressive Zealot dictating that others conform to their ideas/values. Hasty action can have you wasting time with damage control. Ask yourself: Is my zeal for my new intellectual/spiritual venture running amok (lost focus and chasing windmills)? Has my passion for this new endeavor caused me to alienate other’s (preaching at rather than teaching to)? Have I been aggressive with other’s when trying to share my viewpoint (my way or the highway).

What to remember about this card: Eagerness to change is a commendable trait but acting in haste only causes waste. Don’t cut corners and be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Queen of Swords:

DSC_0309 (2)

The Queen of Swords from the Tarot of Pagan Cats deck by Magdelina Messina and Lola Airghi

Recap: The Queen of Swords just like all the Queens is a reflection of the Major Arcana Empress. This reflection has a twist because it has a limited reflection that only encompasses that of the realm of the Element associated with a particular suit. The Queens traditionally have either been a reflection of attributes your ‘Self’ possesses or is a female in your life that has the attributes of each suits Queen, that isn’t so much the case anymore since gender roles, identity, etc.,. are becoming more fluid. Please be aware of this when doing a reading for yourself or others.

The Queen of Swords does not suffer fools. She is decisive, highly intelligent, strong-willed, independent, brutally honest, quick-thinking, and won’t be swayed by emotional displays. She is stern but loyal and reliable. She possess a wisdom gained from weathering the trials and tribulations of life (she has loved and lost but come out the other side strong and resilient). If the Queen of Swords shows up in a reading she is asking you to remove the emotional delusions and think objectively. This is not the time or place to let your emotions dictate your judgement and actions. What to ask yourself: How am I letting my emotions dictate this situation? What attributes of the Queen of Swords do I need to develop in order to attain my goal? Who in my life at this moment is giving me the tough love I need to attain my goals? Why am I not listening to them?

What to remember about this card: You are intellectually/spiritually gifted but you must remember that you are also dependent upon that gift. If you are going to succeed then you need to put your emotions aside, use that big old brain and THINK! Cut the shit, get to the truth and get the task done.

The King of Swords:

DSC_0308 (2)

the King of Swords from the Tarot of Pagan Cats deck by Magdelina Messina and Lola Airaghi

King Recap: The Kings are a reflection of the Major Arcana Emperor and like the Queens it is a reflection with a twist. That twist means that the reflection in on a smaller scale and is impacted by the associations of the cards suit and element. Kings, like the Queens, have traditionally in the past been associated with a gender but with the ever-growing fluidity of gender roles, identity, etc.,. that is changing. Please be mindful of this when doing a reading. Like the Queen, Kings can either represent you or someone in your life that exudes these qualities.

The King of Swords is an authority figure in an intellectual or spiritual profession; an expert that you might turn to for advice or this might be you transitioning into a leadership role and seeking advice about staying impartial. When the King of Swords shows up in a reading you are being asked to be stern but fair. The King is all about the execution of ideas (his ideas), he will freely share his wisdom but he fully intends for you to use that wisdom to move forward and overcome obstacles. His advice is logical, no-nonsense…practical. He takes responsibility seriously and carries actions through to the finish. Ask Yourself: Where am I procrastinating in my spiritual or academic life? Who in my life would be a good King of Swords to give me advice and get me back on track? Where have I lost my impartiality for the situation at hand and what logical and practical steps can I take to regain my fair and impartial stance on the situation at hand?

What to remember about this card: You are the master of creative thought, time to work hard towards your ambitions, logically remove obstacles and take a practical approach to responsibility to ensure success. Your mind is a force, use it wisely, honestly and without prejudice. Keep your emotions in check, to be a stern but fair leader. There is a fine line between benevolent and just King and abusive, manipulative Tyrant (The Queen may not have to suffer fools but unfortunately the King does and has the added bonus of guiding and teaching that fool).


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