W.I.P. Wednesday…A Month of Halloween Fun



My favorite season is Autumn and my favorite autumnal holiday is Halloween. My inner child soars this time of year and always has. That first mellowing of the green in the leaves and I know that Autumn is getting close and I revel with each change of color and the chill in the air and the first of the falling leaves; the Halloween countdown begins.


I am looking forward to this holiday and I have decided that after four years of not really celebrating, this year I am going to. I am also going to attempt to make my decorations. I am doing this for several reasons: first and foremost I am trying to live a more intentional life, which has meant smaller living space and absolutely no storage (except the barn which isn’t exactly the safest place to put cherished items)…secondly, I have discovered that my recent funk has much to do with my lack of creativity. I have been intentionally trying to rectify that, and I figured making my decorations would help me in that process.

So, I have two current W.I.P.’s both seasonal but only one is Halloween related. My first ‘work in progress’ is the Mandala Shawl. For those of you that knit/crochet I am certain that you have seen the yarn ‘cakes’ everywhere and like many a fibre/needle artisan I couldn’t resist. The problem, of course, was what to do with these scrumptious little yarn cakes. So, they have been sitting in a clear protective storage tote (because my cats love yarn as much as I do), mocking me. I tried a hat, a scarf, a giant jellyfish cuddler cat toy, but nothing really utilized the yarn quite the way I had hoped it would. What’s a girl to do, well, scroll through Pinterest looking for ideas, of course. Scroll I did and it turns out that a shawl (triangle) is a perfect match for those lovely cakes. I have never knitted a triangle shawl before…but…it seems to be going well…so far at least.


I am using Lion Brand Mandala the above colorway is Siren.

The Halloween decorations are going to be me repurposing glass bottles into Halloween Luminaries (again, I saw these all over Pinterest). I am quite adept at coming up with my own ideas but after a four year creative stagnation period I need a little boost to get those creative juices flowing again (I have already started making notes on how to alter the shawl and the same thing will undoubtedly happen with the luminaries too).

So, after a brief trip to pick up craft brushes, paint and modge podge the fun begins…

I cleaned the bottles, removed labels and adhesive and let the bottles dry, mixed pumpkin acrylic paint with outdoor modge-podge  and applied a thin coat to bottle. I should have allowed it to dry a bit more before adding a second coat but lesson learned. I will wait until tomorrow to add additional coats.


I had help…That is my living Halloween Cat, Edward di Luna peeking from behind the orange bottles (below).


More to come soon….

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