Tuesday Tarot on Thursday…The Court of Wands

First, I would like to apologize for the delay in our Tarot series; severe weather had me hanging out in our storm shelter Tuesday morning and struggling with an adequate internet connection the rest of the day. Exasperated, I gave up. Wednesday was a better day but I was picking up storm debris and today, despite the sunny day, I am still having some technical issues, so this post will be lacking pictures of the Court of Wands.

So, without further ado… The suit of Wands deals with the expression of our physical and spiritual life force. The expression of movement and action. How do we deal with life? Are we a roaring fire that consumes all in our path? Do we snap, crackle and pop with a warm glow?…or somewhere in between? Regardless of how you move thru life if the suit of Wands shows up in a reading it is time to do something!

Wands are governed by the element of fire, and should be looked at as transformative. They are about movement, energy and passion. They represent career, creativity and things that you are enthusiastic about…but, lets not get carried away with an over zealous spirit that has us rushing through life and leaving us with regrets.


The Page of Wands:

The Page of Wands deals with adventure and exuberance. You may be feeling impulsive, experimental even rebellious. There is a new idea sparking and you are eager to get it going. What to ask yourself: What steps should I take at this moment to advance my new project/venture/opportunity/activity? How am I feeling about the speed at which my project is moving? What can I do to slow it down without losing momentum? Am I getting sidetracked with side ventures that are detracting from my main focus? Is there someone in my life that is a free spirit that is either assisting in my project or distracting me from my project?  Is there advice or information that I am ignoring because I think it is unimportant or will slow my project down?

What to remember about the Page of Wands: The Page of Wands brings new opportunities but be careful that you don’t lose focus. The Page lacks commitment, an “all we have is today, live it large,” mentality. Slow your roll. It is important to take time to rest, this is just the beginning (the pace of your life is about to get extremely hectic). You will make mistakes along the way…so, learn from them.


the Knight of Wands:

The Knight of Wands is all about purposeful action (balance your action with a focused plan). The Knight of wands wants you to set goals based on experience; plan ahead. The Knight of Wands often isn’t what he seems. He may seem scattered and frenzied but is actually unifying  his plan in the observed Chaos. He also may appear calm and confident when he is actually consumed by doubt. Either way, what you see may not be what is actually going on with our Knight of wands. His message: Do not hastily fling yourself into mindless action the result will be disappointment and regret. Be bold, be fearless, do what you love but make sure you have a plan of execution. Ask: Did I think this through? What foreseeable issues could arise and what can I do to navigate them and stay on track? How solid is the foundation of your business, relationships or health?

What to remember about this card: Fueled by the zest of the Pages new idea you are ready to set the world on fire. Slow down and formulate a plan. You want to light the way not burn up or fade away. You are strong and quick and often underestimated.


The Queen of Wands:

The Queen of Wands is a go getter. She knows that others depend on her and she wont stop until a goal is met or a task is completed, circumstances won’t dictate her determination. If she shows up in a reading it is time to get moving, tie up loose ends, stop stalling and putting things off. The Page had the spark of inspiration, the Knight had the purpose of forming a plan to get that idea of the ground while having a solid foundation to build upon and our Queen is telling us to MOVE! There is no time for rest, no time to chase windmills and smell the roses, you have to strike while the fire is hot. Ask yourself: “What areas of my life am I procrastinating in that needs my attention…YESTERDAY?,” “How can I take the lead today in order to reach my goals?,” ” Where in my life do I need more passion and fire?,” “Am I waiting for someone to do a task that I could be doing myself?” “Are you taking care of your health and getting rest during lulls in your busy schedule?”

What to remember about this card: Never waste an opportunity. You are aware of what needs to be accomplished…just do it!  Rest and relax when you have the chance.


The King of Wands:

The King of Wands can seem calm (bordering on cocky) or charismatic but this can be a façade. He is a bit of a mystery which is apt because he is all about Risk. Risk comes with action, you just don’t know how it is all going to play out. If you want something you have to go after it even if it means you are going to fail more than you succeed.  The King of Wands, much like the Knight of wands, is often underestimated. His perceived actions aren’t always as they appear and because of this he can be formidable and lethal. He has learned from his failures, and accepts that its just a part of life. Ask yourself: “Am I being to emotional in this venture?” “Where do I lack confidence?” “What can I do to (re)build that confidence?” “Am I letting others dictate my life, career goals, experiences?” “What goals have I been delaying because of my fear of failing?”

What to remember about this card: Failure is inevitable, what matters is that you keep getting back up and trying again. Confidence is the key to success.


Today’s featured deck is the Animal Totem Tarot by Leeza Robertson/Illustrations by Eugene Smith

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