W.I.P. Wednesday on Friday…

This week has been crazy, between the weather, technical issues and just everyday life I am glad that it is Friday. The rain is back and it brought colder temperatures with it (47 degrees Fahrenheit/6 degrees Celsius) and according to the meteorologist this is going to be the new normal…summer is officially over and I can’t say I am sad to see summer go (hopefully the rain goes with the summer temperatures). With the cooler temperatures I am able to knit more…just something about knitting when it is cold that is soothing.

It also means that I have almost finished the Mandala Shawl. I still need to weave in the ends and block it. It turned out to be a bit more of a shawlette, smaller than I was expecting it to be but that is why I like doing a trial run and making notes as I work. I have already started a second shawl and incorporating changes, hopefully it turns out better.


The Halloween Luminaries are going well. I have one finished:



I am not going to use the outdoor Modge Podge on the other two bottles. It made them to glossy and I didn’t like the tackiness of the paint. I found some LED string lights that don’t heat the glass, so I technically no longer need to mix the outdoor Modge Podge with the acrylic paint.

I am hoping that next week goes a bit smoother and that the sun comes out, I really miss the sun.

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