Tuesday Tarot: The Court of Pentacles

The suit of Pentacles deals with Finance, Business/Education and Material Things and even your Physical Body. The Pentacles are ruled by the element of Earth. The Earth is what grounds us, so the advice from this suit will be practical. When this suit shows up it is asking you to use your common sense (so don’t put the cart before your horse), pay attention to what your body is telling you (are you getting enough sleep; have you eaten; have you taken a break recently or are you only focused on your project?). They also show us our attitudes towards work and finance and how we are impacted by our material world (do you own stuff or does your stuff own you? do you see limited resources or abundance?).

The Page of Pentacles:


As with all of the Pages you are beginning a new venture. Inspiration has struck and it is time to formulate a plan. The Page of pentacles isn’t like the other Pages, this Page is studious, quietly curious and hard working. This Page knows what s/he wants and is going to find a practical way to achieve it. However, this Page needs to be aware of the fact that s/he needs to learn the business before s/he can run the business. Ask yourself: “What is it that you would like to learn that will take you, your career or your spiritual growth to the next level?” “What is it that you find fascinating/absorbing that you could engage in and later turn into a business?” “What goals can you set now to achieve your desired outcome?” “What spiritual gifts are you learning to grow into?” “Can you see how rushing into a project can thwart your progress or future endeavors?” “Have you procrastinated in taking care of financial endeavors such as opening a savings account or other investments towards your future?”

What to remember about this card: Never stop learning. Just when you think you know it all is the moment you discover you know very little indeed. This is the time to focus on education that will help you start or further a career. Goal Oriented.


The Knight of Pentacles:


The Knight of Pentacles is hard working, detail and plan oriented and a stubborn perfectionist. This card can signify working hard to reach your goals (even if it means doing drudge work to do so) or stalling out because you are chasing perfection. Either way you will be called upon to take responsibility or even take the lead. Commitment is key to achieving your ideal end result. Try to find the balance in the project (all work and no play is a mix for disaster). Trust other people enough to delegate task and give yourself a break once in awhile. What to ask yourself: “Are you completely committed to your goals?” “Are you stuck in a rut because you are trying to make everything perfect?” “When was the last time you took a break?” “What tasks could you delegate to someone else?” Are you struggling with inner conflict due to a stifled adventurous spirit?” “Can you allow yourself to let that adventurous spirit free occasionally?” “Have you set boundaries (with yourself (bad habits), others (time wasters) and your finances (protection and secured investments))?”

What to remember about this card: You can’t reap what you don’t sow. Show up, work hard, and keep going until it’s done. Keep to the ‘tried and true’ route.


The Queen Of Pentacles:img_20181015_172914172_burst000_cover_top260717049.jpg

The Queen Of Pentacles is the quintessential ‘Earth Mother’. She has worked hard for what she has but will freely give all to those she loves. If she appears in a reading she could represent you taking care of the needs of others and possibly neglecting your own needs, or she could represent someone that is ‘mothering’ you. This card is prompting you to take care of your health as well as your material needs. What to ask yourself: “Are you taking time for you, to celebrate your accomplishments, talents, personal victories.” “Are you spending to much time taking care of others at the expense of your well being?” “Do you catch yourself making excuses for not taking time for yourself?” “Can you recognize that these excuses are keeping you from being healthy, happy, and enjoying your abundant life gifts (that you worked hard for and deserve)?” “Am I relying on others to take care of needs that I should be taking care of on my own?”

What to remember about this card: Ain’t nobody happy if Mama ain’t happy. Take time for you…your health, happiness and abundance. It is wonderful to look after others but you should also make yourself a priority.


King of Pentacles:


The King of Pentacles is the Man with the Midas Touch. It may seem he attained his wealth and standing easily but he actually mastered the lesson of thriving by weathering harsh conditions. If the King of Pentacles appears in your reading he is asking you to push through the trials and tribulations (and your fears) to achieve your goals. Take a good look at what you have in your arsenal (finances, talent/skills, vision/dream; then harness it, focus and CREATE! What to ask yourself: “Are you being lazy and making excuses or are you following through with a plan of action?” “What can you do today to tap into the potential that you have at your disposal?” “Do you see your work as a source of fulfilment?” “Am I enjoying Life as much as I enjoy my Career?”

What to remember about this card: It is all about Mastery. Master your fears, Master the trials/tribulations, Master your skills/talents, Master your vision of the life you want and then take a step towards it everyday…the universe will respond.


Featured Tarot Deck: Quantum Tarot Version 2.0 by Kay Stopforth – Chris Butler

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