Tuesday Tarot: The Aces

Today we are going to take a look at the Aces in all four suits of the Minor Arcana. The Aces are associated with the vibrational energy of the number 1 (just like our Pages) and that energy manifests as Potential. The potential for something new is entering into our life journey…what that potential is depends on the suit element.


The Ace of Cups: Emotional Force

The Cups are fueled by the energy of water and heralds an emotional beginning or renewal to life. This card signifies that there is the potential for you to be happy and fulfilled in life (if you choose to be). If the Ace of Cups shows up in your reading it is asking you to be receptive to receiving love, compassion, healing and creation because it is swirling all around you and making this time perfect for renewing or starting a romance, friendship, or an artistically creative project. What to ask yourself: What creative project are you excited to try? Are there friendships you would like to renew? Where do you feel emotionally blocked? Have you taken a close look at how you view abundance (are you generous or a bit of a miser; Why?)? How do you cope with excess? How do you cope with the lean periods?

What to remember about this card: BE HAPPY (the choice truly is yours)! Life is ripe with Divine Inspiration so take advantage of the opportunities (the Universe is abundant and unending but it can only give you what you ask for).

Advice: Never take more than you need. Show gratitude for what you have been given. Don’t get swept away by the rushing energy current of the Ace of Cups.


The Ace of Swords: Mental Force

Swords are associated with the element of Air and that Air element has us dealing with our Thoughts, Ideas and Attitudes. There is the potential for mental breakthroughs if the Ace of Swords appears in your reading. Use logic and intelligence to come up with creative solutions to obstacles. Make time and information your best friends. What to ask yourself: Where do you need to cut through unnecessary distractions? Have you gathered an adequate amount of information for your project, business, etc.,. in order to proceed? What can you do in order to stay focused and keep your mind razor sharp? Are you rushing an aspect that needs more time to develop?

What to remember about this card: Be clear, precise and allow logic and truth to rule. Remember compassion goes a long way towards influencing others in an argument, try to harness some (swords aren’t usually very good with the touchy-feely stuff and can leave the opposition feeling eviscerated). Make a plan to take you further in your goals.

Advice: It takes time to attain knowledge so remember when dealing with this card that your mental breakthrough is most certainly revolving around something that you have been working on for awhile. There is nothing instantaneous about the suit of swords.


The Ace of Wands: Creative Force

Wands are associated with the element of fire and fire deals with imagination, creativity and intuition. There is the potential for Creativity and with the fire element you will have the momentum to carry you throughout your new endeavor. So, Go for it! Shine your Light. What to ask yourself: What is it that you desire most from life? What steps can you take to achieve this desire? What talents/gifts/skills do you possess that sets you apart from other people? How can you showcase them? What venue would highlight your talents/gifts/skills the best?

What to remember about this card: You have the potential, enthusiasm, confidence and courage to get out there and Shine.

Advice: Find ways not to lose your enthusiasm. Let what you are passionate about guide your path.


The Ace of Pentacles: Material Force

Pentacles are associated with the element of earth and therefore deal with finance, career and material things. There is potential for you to advance physically and materially but the suit of Pentacles is asking you to use your common sense when opportunities arise and take a good look at what you already have. What to ask yourself: What can I reuse, repurpose, restyle that I already have at my disposal? Am I hanging onto things that I no longer need or use? Why am I hanging onto them? What gifts have come into my life recently and how can I best utilize them?

What to remember about this card: In a world filled with material things sometimes it is best to find creative ways to repurpose what we already have and let go of things that we just can’t or won’t use.

Advice: Sometimes when we physically and financially stall out it is because we are refusing to be grateful for what we already have or we are terrified of letting go of things that are no longer useful.


Featured photo by Pexel. I didn’t have a chance to do a featured deck and I am missing several (can only hope that they are still packed and in the barn).

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