Tuesday Tarot: The Two’s

The vibrational energy of the number 2 is that of Wisdom. This does not mean that you reach epic genius status overnight rather you are going to learn how to be wise by finding the balance between two extremes in life. Just like our Knights from the Court Cards (that also resonate with the vibrational energy of 2) it is all about finding that perfect balance in any situation; the choice is, as always, yours and along with your choice comes responsibility.

I am sure that by now you have noticed that the Tarot is a bit cyclical. There is a natural progression; the Ace’s were about Potential (inspirational ideas) which means that our next logical step is to attain Wisdom (via trial and error) and start building a strong foundation on which to build upon.

The Wisdom of Partnerships:

The Two of Wands: Creative Force

The suit of Wands is dictated by the element of Fire and if you add that vibrational energy of the two you are going to be dealing with issues of Personal Power, boldness and originality will be sparking up a storm. This is the time to take your passionate dream and turn it into a wonderful reality. You have secretly been planning and it is time to get this show on the road. If it makes you feel safe to have a partner or mentor than do so in order to attain your goal. You will find that having a partner will keep you both motivated and pushing through the hard times to attain your goals.

What to ask yourself: What is my secret dream that I would like to achieve (start a business, get a degree, start a family, get physically fit, train for a marathon or take a creative class (art, music, cooking)? Could I benefit from having a mentor or partner to reach my goal? What steps can I take right now that would help me make my dream a reality? Who in my life at this moment has similar goals that I could partner with?

What to remember about the Two of Wands: Sometimes it takes two to reach for the stars.

Advice: All Planning + No Action = No Results

The Two of Cups: Emotional Force

The suit of Cups is dictated by the element of Water and with the influence of the number two you will see patterns revolving around Connection, truce and attraction flowing through aspects in your life. Most Tarot readers will tell you that this card heralds a romantic proposal or the entrance of your soul mate and there is potential for this but the cups deal with all of our relationships not just those of a romantic nature. The Two of Cups therefore is more applicable to that of mutually beneficial social partnerships; this includes your physicality (after all, your body and your soul have a lifelong mutually beneficial relationship through out your lifetime. Are you taking care of both or taking them for granted?).

What to ask yourself: What are you attracting right now? Do you like what/who you are attracting? Who or What do you need to connect with (mutually beneficial partnerships) in order to move forward? Do you need to reconnect with you at this time? Is everything one sided in your relationships or mutually beneficial? Who does the Universe seem to be partnering you with at this moment? Are you willing to step back and objectively view the situation to find the answer to the lesson? In order to Connect and move forward in this situation what Truce must be made and with whom?

What to remember about the Two of Cups: Like attracts Like. If you don’t like what you are attracting only you have the choice to change it. Define the parameters of your ideal mutually beneficial relationship (give and take).

Advice: Take a good look at who/what you are attracting and see how it is mirroring aspects of your life.

The Wisdom of Conquering Conflict: 

The Two of Swords: Mental Force

The suit of Swords is dictated by the element of Air which paired with the influence of the 2 and you are going to be dealing with Blocked Emotions, avoidance and stalemates won’t help you slice through situations. The Two of Swords is going to revolve around choices of inner conflict (battle between two sides of you). In this case you are going to have to make a choice between Practicality and Logic vs. Creativity and Intuition. Understand that your indecision is energetically blocking the benefits that you long for.

What to ask yourself: What else needs to happen before you can make a decision? Do you see the correlation between inaction and suffering? What steps can you take to change this energetic pattern of inaction/indecision?

What to remember about the Two of Swords; Fence-sitting will get you no where near your goal. There are no guarantees in life so make a choice and follow it through, if it fails you can always change directions.

Advice: Trust you. Be Brave. Do not look to others to make decisions for you, you already know what is best for you.


The Two of Pentacles: Material Force

The suit of Pentacles is dictated by the element of Earth and that energy of the Two is going to have you busy Juggling, flexibility and fun may just have you pounding your fist into the dirt. Sometimes life responsibilities get in the way of our personal goals making it very hard to juggle everything that we want to do. Choices need to be made, hard choices. We know the right thing to do is deal with the responsibilities we have and delay our personal endeavors but if you have to ‘have it all and eat your cake too’ then you might want to look at the team option in order to reach goals.

What to ask yourself: Am I capable of being a team player? Are there tasks that I could delegate to friends, family, co-workers? Am I willing to focus on responsibilities at this moment and reward myself with personal goals later? Am I willing to ‘Pay the Piper’ later (return favors).

What to remember about the Two of Pentacles: When life gets hectic Prioritize and Delegate.

Advice: Remember that those who helped you out will eventually need help too.

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